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The collection and management of customer data is a core function for many companies. How this data gets used to build relationships and ultimately stimulate business growth is just as important. With the Xpertdoc Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can take your CRM to the next level by aligning and integrating data with customer communications such as contracts, invoices, quotes, statements or general correspondence.

This Connector extends the functionality of Dynamics CRM by providing a powerful platform that business users can leverage for greater efficiency and accuracy in their communications efforts. It seamlessly integrates Xpertdoc's template design environment – leveraging Microsoft Word – to deliver an intuitive, rules-based assembly of business documents that automatically pulls data from multiple CRM entities, customization fields and additional data sources such as ERP, HR and financial databases. Business users can produce documents that maintain business rules and corporate identity standards, and distribute them directly from the CRM interface, using automated workflows, in a variety of formats (PDF, email, fax, print).

The Xpertdoc Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers business users to update, maintain and archive documents from their desktop, with little or no support from IT, yet enforce IT best practices in terms of security, reliability and scalability, fostering a collaborative approach to template design and customer communications management.

Accelerate your Lead-to-Close process with the Xpertdoc Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Quickly generate flyers personalized for each lead according to its industry, size, area of interest or any other relevant demographic element
  • Send the opportunity a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) for immediate electronic or manual (wet ink) signature
  • Create carefully crafted and customized proposals to make a powerful statement, quickly and effectively
  • Generate contracts using powerful tools and workflows, infusing this activity with rigor and clarity
  • Timely collect your dues starting with precise, automated one-off or recurring invoices


  • Ease of template use and maintenance that reduces reliance on IT resources
  • Enhanced personalization and accuracy with the insertion of data from Dynamics CRM and other data sources, as well as content fragments, dynamic charts and images
  • Powerful integration capabilities including interactive forms, scheduled and triggered events, workflow processing and batch runs
  • Productivity gains resulting from automated review and approval workflows
  • Seamless support for electronic signature
  • Higher archiving and indexing capabilities allowed by an out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint

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