Document Migration

Convert your legacy forms and documents while preserving all attributes, in record time.

Automated Migration Technology

Xpertdoc’s patented migration technology takes the risks out of your legacy conversion efforts, allowing you to achieve rapid business transformation through system modernization, and realize actual benefits in weeks, not months.

Our fully automated approach to migration means that we can extract and convert tens of thousands of forms and documents – content, format and business rules – while preserving all document attributes, in record time.

We can automatically migrate Mosaic, Calligo/IStream, JetForm, Eloquence, xPression, and Microsoft Word forms and templates so you can get the most out of your investments.

The Challenges and Success of Legacy Document Migration

An automated migration technology takes the risks out of companies’ conversion efforts, helping them rapidly achieve project success. 

5 Reasons to Migrate Your Legacy Word Documents

Companies have avoided migrating their legacy Microsoft Word documents, a project often considered costly and labor-intensive. However there are several benefits of converting legacy documents to the currently supported .docx format. Learn the 5 reasons why your organization should address this long-standing problem.

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