Government CCM Solutions

Helping State, Local and Federal Agencies Modernize Citizen Communications

Streamline Your Agency's Communication Process

Government agencies communicate regularly with thousands of internal and external clients and constituents through various types of documents – notices, forms, and correspondence, many of which are highly regulated. Customer communications is a large undertaking that can strain personnel, budget, and technology resources.

Policy makers, regulators, and citizens now expect better, faster, and more secure communications delivered in more ways; e-mail, web, print, and mobile. These expectations are part of a larger trend toward a government that is more transparent and more responsive to customer demands.

To meet these demands, government officials are searching for ways to stay connected with various agencies and departments, as well as the public they serve. The Xpertdoc CCM platform enables government departments to streamline their communication process by generating, managing, and delivering omni-channel communications with a single technology solution hosted either on-premise or powered by the Microsoft Azure in the Cloud.

Xpertdoc CCM Platform Benefits

Produce Higher Quality, More Accurate Documents and Notices
Decrease Production Time for the Creation and Delivery of Citizen Correspondence
Enable Omni-channel Delivery for a Better Citizen Experience
Provide Centralized Control of Forms and Documents

Bridging the Gap Between Compliance and Communication

Does your agency have a multitude of complex documents that need to be engaging, accurate, accessible, and compliant with stringent regulations?

The Xpertdoc Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform equips your agency with the tools needed to create manage and distribute complex and engaging correspondence. Our unique Smart Form technology will improve efficiency and productivity while meeting your citizens need for self-service. And with pre-configured business rules, your communications will be accurate, relevant and compliant.

Does Your Agency Use Microsoft
Dynamics 365?

Powered by Microsoft Dynamic 365 and Azure, the Xpertdoc Dynamics 365 Connector allows organizations to leverage the wealth of customer data in Microsoft Dynamics to deliver compelling documents in a single click.

Approved under the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA), the Xpertdoc CCM platform for Dynamics 365 is now available to Canadian government agencies.