Xpertdoc for SugarCRM

Provide your SugarCRM users with powerful document automation capabilities enabling the generation, storage and delivery of better documents, faster.

SugarCRM Integration

Document Automation in a Single Click

Xpertdoc for SugarCRM lets you build and run any document creation, generation, storage, and delivery process leveraging data from Sugar and external sources such as web forms and schema data sets. Whether your organization requires simple or complex document flows, business process owners can easily model and deploy them by arranging flow steps through the solution’s intuitive user interface, and defining wizard-driven logic between these steps.

Creating Compelling Customer Documents, Better and Faster

With the click of a button, business users can create the most compelling quotes, contracts, invoices, reports, correspondence, or any other business documents, guided through optimized post-processing, approval, delivery, and archiving paths to efficiently engage with customers via their preferred delivery channel.

Powerful yet User-Friendly Features

Xpertdoc for SugarCRM features powerful tools that make the generation, storage and delivery of business-critical documents effortless. And we offer flexible deployment options, such as on-premise or in the public or private Microsoft Azure cloud, to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows - Responsive UI

Modern, Responsive User Interface

Available in English, French and Dutch, the modern and responsive user interface of Xpertdoc for Sugar allows for clear, straightforward navigation, enabling business users to easily and efficiently accomplish their document automation tasks both on the web and on connected mobile devices.

Multiple Data Set Types

The embedded Data Set Builder loads the module structure of the Sugar platform, enabling users to easily create multiple types of data set – standard SugarCRM, user input and XML – that can be combined in document templates.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows - Multiple Data Sets
Xpertdoc Smart Flows - Conditional Flows

Automated Document Flows

In the Xpertdoc Smart Flow Builder, users can visually build and deploy simple or complex automated document flows – from initial trigger to final delivery of one or more documents – that contain various steps, such as sending generated documents by email (as body or attachments), to a print service or for e-signature via a variety of platforms, creating Notes and Tasks with attached documents, and storing generated documents in the Sugar Document module.

Document Storage Directly in SugarCRM

Users can create a new record in Sugar’s Document module and attach a generated document. The document can be related to any other SugarCRM record in a sidecar module triggering the flow execution; it appears in the Document subpanel of the record.

Xpertdoc for SugarCRM - Document Storage
Xpertdoc for SugarCRM - Quick Flow

Quick Flow Execution

From any sidecar module, SugarCRM users can use the Xpertdoc Quick Flow dropdown to start pinned document flows. Alternatively, flows can be selected and started from our intuitive, step-by-step Flow Execution panel.

Role-based Flow Selection

Flow selection can be filtered by user security role to ensure that sales representatives, for instance, can only select and start document flows that are relevant to their role. This helps eliminate delays and errors associated with sending the wrong documents.

Xpertdoc for SugarCRM - Roles

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