Pricing model for Xpertdoc for Salesforce

Learn more about our software pricing model and the powerful features available with each Xpertdoc Business and Xpertdoc Enterprise editions.

The right edition for your document needs

Xpertdoc’s integration with Salesforce comes in 3 different editions designed to meet your organization’s specific needs, at any given time in your digital transformation journey.

If you are a Salesforce consultant or reseller, learn more about the Xpertdoc partner program and the additional pricing benefits associated with our three partnership opportunities.

Xpertdoc Business Editions

Best choice for medium-sized companies.

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Edition* includes:
  • Minimum of 14 users
  • Up to 12,000 generated documents per year
  • Shared server
  • Standard support

This package can be upgraded to a maximum of 100 users and a maximum annual document count of 60,000.

Xpertdoc Business Editions
Best choice for medium or large-sized organizations.

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Edition* includes:

  • Minimum of 30 users
  • Up to 60,000 generated documents per year
  • Private cloud or on-premise infrastructure
  • Standard support

This package can be upgraded to an unlimited number of users and a maximum annual document count of 600,000.

Xpertdoc Enterprise Edition
Best choice for large-sized enterprises.

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Tailored edition:

  • Scalable to number of users and generated documents based on specific needs
  • Private cloud or on-premise infrastructure
  • Extended support options available

* Editions are based on an annual subscription model.

Edition feature comparison

Premium Ultimate Enterprise
Included number of users 14 30 Contact us
Maximum number of users 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Included number of documents 12,000 60,000 Contact us
Maximum number of documents Up to 60,000 Up to 600,000 Unlimited
Infrastructure type Shared server Private cloud or on-premise Private cloud or on-premise
Template Builder
Smart Forms Optional Optional
Content Manager Optional Optional
Advanced Template Designer Optional
Document Services Optional Optional
Electronic signature Optional Optional Optional
Support Standard Standard Standard
Environment setup 1 production,
1 non-production
1 production,
4 non-production
1 production,
4 non-production

Integration and connector options

Premium Ultimate Enterprise
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Office 365 Optional Optional
Microsoft SharePoint
DocuSign Optional Optional Optional
Sertifi Optional Optional Optional
OneSpan Sign Optional Optional Optional
Adobe Sign Optional Optional Optional
Other options
FTP/SFTP/File system

Software feature overview

Template design
Design templates using the Microsoft Word-based Xpertdoc Template Builder.
Design templates from a new or existing document.
Support localization of templates and automated multi-language capabilities.
Leverage complex conditional formatting capabilities: grouping, and/or.
Form N:N, 1:N or N:1 relations in both standard and custom objects.
Create custom fields and relationships.
Configure loops on multiple records.
Filter data based on rules.
Apply field formatting: date, time, number, currency, and percentage.
Re-use styles: date, time, number, currency, and percentage.
Integrate images dynamically.
Insert barcodes and QR codes.
Create dynamic graphs showcasing data.
Insert existing documents.
Insert composed templates: header, footer, body, insert zone.
Find/replace and insert text in mapped values.
Control template versions with roll-back and tracking capabilities.
Generation, storage and output
Create document generation, delivery and storage flows leveraging conditional logic, with a visual builder.
Configure complex document flows, combined into a single, one-click command.
Configure flows to pause and wait for an internal or external event before continuing.
Leverage the flexible Xpertdoc API.
Invite an external user to fill in an Xpertdoc Smart Form to gather information.
Incorporate interview-type questions into a flow for custom outputs, with Xpertdoc Smart Forms.
Leverage multiple data sources: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dataverse, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, REST API, and XML.
Create Notes and Tasks, and attach a document automatically in a record.
Integrate electronic signatures.
Create documents with dynamic names.
Use dynamic email content.
Configure a document approval process leveraging Xpertdoc Content Manager.
Leverage centralized storage capabilities of Xpertdoc Content Manager.
Store documents in Microsoft SharePoint or an external drive.
Use carry-forward function in documents opened in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, with Xpertdoc for Office.
Print documents to network printers or PrintNode.
Support multiple output formats: Word (*.docx), PDF (*.pdf), web (*.htm;*.html), PNG (*.png), JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), ePub (*.epub), PostScript 3.0 (*.ps), PCL 6 enhanced or PCL XL (*.pcl).
Administrative controls
Support Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.
Access detailed logging and reporting features through the Control Panel.
Manage and assign user access and custom roles.
Assign only interactive users to the Xpertdoc software.
Manage template access restrictions.

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