Digital data capture

Digitize and optimize your data capture processes with better, faster and guided web forms.

Digital Data Capture - Xpertdoc Smart Forms

Web-based, dynamic data capture

Experlogix Smart Forms are responsive, web-based or embedded data capture forms that enable your users or customers to easily enter and submit information electronically, through a better, faster, paperless, and guided process. By exchanging manual, paper-based and error-prone processes for a digital version, you benefit from lowered resource costs, improved internal efficiencies and memorable experience.

Features to optimize your processes

With robust features that create a better experience for your users or customers, Xpertdoc’s Smart Forms enables your organization to complete data capture processes quickly and efficiently, all while improving quality and accuracy.

Configurable web forms

Configurable functions include data fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, date pickers, and sub-forms. Fields and options can be tagged as mandatory and be accompanied by dynamic in-process guidance to simplify form completion.

Xpertdoc Smart Forms - Configurable Forms
Xpertdoc Smart Forms - Business Rules

Advanced business rules

Logic-based business rules can be configured to control information presentment; relevant options are displayed depending on input provided by users, which reduces confusion and improves experience.

Dynamic data sources

Dynamic lists of data pulled from enterprise core systems can be linked to dropdown menus embedded in Experlogix Smart Forms, ensuring accurate information like products, pricing, options, etc. is displayed.

Xpertdoc Smart Forms - Data Capture

Dynamic data capture

Captured information can be directly fed into enterprise core systems – Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dataverse, SugarCRM, Salesforce, ERP, CPQ, ECM, and more. Pre-filled fields pull input stored in these connected systems to accelerate data entry and eliminate errors.

Anonymous forms

Smart Forms can be sent to anonymous users – external users or customers that don’t need authentication – inviting them to fill out and submit required information. Completed forms are redirected back to enterprise core systems.
Xpertdoc Content Manager - Metadata Forms
Xpertdoc Smart Forms - Intuitive Design

Intuitive, responsive design

Featuring an intuitive design interface and drag and drop capability, Experlogix Smart Forms can be built, configured and tailored quickly and easily. Developed in HTML5, the forms are responsive and can be accessed with a computer or mobile device in a consistent experience.

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