Content Management

Facilitate the management, storage and retrieval of digital assets such as documents, forms and images.

Content Management - Xpertdoc Content Manager

Efficient Content Management and Storage

Xpertdoc’s Content Manager is a secure repository for managing and storing digital assets, such as logos, PDF forms and documents, and completed or unfinished documents. Each asset can be identified using a metadata form to facilitate and accelerate search and retrieval in the repository.

Xpertdoc Content Manager

Robust Features to Increase Search Capabilities

The Xpertdoc Content Manager empowers your business users with robust features that accelerate search results and improve content management capabilities.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Folder Structure

Folder-like Structure

The Content Manager contains libraries in which users can store digital assets in a folder-like structure similar to the one found on a C: drive. This familiar structure makes browsing and sorting through content quick and easy.

Linked Metadata Forms

Each asset stored in the Xpertdoc Content Manager can be linked to a pre-built metadata form. Metadata forms have simple fields where users enter keywords and descriptors that can be used to efficiently search and retrieve the associated documents, forms or images.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Metadata Forms
Xpertdoc Content Manager - Field Mapping

Field Mapping

Metadata form fields can be mapped to data fields in a document; any modification or update to a mapped field, whether it occurs in the metadata form or in the document, is automatically applied to the corresponding field, ensuring data is always accurate and up to date.

Plain Text Search

Plain text search in content is supported; matching forms and documents are displayed in the search window and can either be opened or showed in the libraries, accelerating access to relevant content.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Text Search
Xpertdoc Content Manager - Version Control

Version Control

Documents can be checked-in while they are being worked on and checked-out when completed. This function also enables users to return to previous versions, compare and see where changes have been made, resulting in greater document quality and compliance.

Leveraging Content Manager Assets from Office 365 Applications

The Xpertdoc add-in for Microsoft Office 365 lets you leverage Content Manager’s powerful functionalities and more, from Office 365 applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With the Xpertdoc Office 365 add-in, you can easily search images, logos, pre-approved phrases, jurisdiction-specific or alternative language from content stored the Xpertdoc Content Manager, and insert them into a document. Previous versions of an opened document can be quickly referred to, accelerating version comparison and review.

Supporting carry-forward function, the Xpertdoc add-in for Microsoft Office 365 allows you to search pre-labelled document sections, import them into your documents and modify them as needed, all while preserving personalized information in the data-bound fields for improved compliance and accuracy. Business users can attach a completed document to an email as well as store an attached document received by email, with a single click from the Xpertdoc Office 365 add-in.

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