Template Design

Design dynamic and compelling document templates leveraging Microsoft Word’s powerful functionalities.

Template Design - Xpertdoc Template Builder

Dynamic, Data-driven Template Design

Featuring an added ribbon toolset and a mapping pane, Xpertdoc’s intuitive Template Builder add-in for Microsoft Word gives you the tools to create dynamic, sophisticated and professional templates, and configure complex workflows and business rules so you can generate data-driven and compelling documents with accurate content, terminology, corporate branding, and format – quickly and easily.

User-friendly Features to Accelerate Document Creation

In addition to leveraging your familiar word-processing software’s powerful functionalities for document composition, our Template Builder provides dynamic and automated features that simplify and accelerate your document creation processes.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Field Mapping

Dynamic Data Integration

Customer information and data from multiple sources – Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, ERP, CPQ, Excel, policy administration, and more – can be mapped to appropriate data fields and dynamically integrated with document templates.

Embedded Digital Content

Barcodes and QR codes, digital images, graphics, multimedia content, and files of any common format can be automatically inserted in document templates.

Xpertdoc Template Builder - Embedded Content
Xpertdoc Template Builder - Subgrid Loops

Subgrid Loops

Standard, grouped or filtered loops can be created to build lists and tables with recurring input data, within document templates.


The Expression wizard can be used to easily incorporate calculations, complex conditions for inclusion or exclusion of content, as well as to determine the business flow of a template.

Xpertdoc Template Builder - Expressions
Xpertdoc Template Builder - Language Variations

Language Variations

A template can have multiple language variations; document language selection can be automated based on customer preference, jurisdiction or country.

Version Control

Templates can be checked-in while they are being worked on and checked-out when completed. This function also enables users to return to previous versions, compare and see where changes have been made, resulting in greater document accuracy and quality.

Xpertdoc Content Manager - Version Control

Advanced Functionalities with Template Designer

The Xpertdoc Template Designer is a robust add-in for Microsoft Word that complements our Template Builder with advanced, programmed capabilities. Leveraging all of Word’s functionalities, the Template Designer empowers business users to easily design dynamic and sophisticated document templates that integrate data, digital and multimedia content, tables and business rules, while providing flexibility for IT resources to program customized and complex functionalities in C# and VB.NET.

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