Automate the creation, delivery and storage of data-driven and engaging documents.

Engaging Documents in 2 Clicks with SugarCRM

XperiDo for Sugar is a document generation solution fully integrated with SugarCRM. It is the most complete and powerful add-on to automate document creation, delivery and storage from the SugarCRM platform.

XperiDo for Sugar provides enhanced capabilities for template creation, content customization, omni-channel delivery, electronic signature, and central storage in the Sugar Document Module. Business users can create, generate, save, and deliver data-driven and engaging customer communications and business documents – such as quotes, invoices, agreements, reports, correspondence – in a few clicks from SugarCRM.

Enhanced Template Design Capabilities for Business Users

Xpertdoc’s intuitive Template Builder makes it easy for business users to design and maintain visually appealing templates. It comes with step-by-step wizards to map CRM fields from any entity or related entity, create conditional content and layout, and insert loops, nested loops, barcodes, QR codes, dynamic images, electronic signatures, content translations, and more.

Server-side Document Creation, On-premise or in the Cloud

XperiDo for Sugar is available via multiple deployment models. The solution server can be located on your own premises, hosted at a data center operated by your hosting provider of choice, or you can use the solution as a cloud service.


The solution server component is installed on a server on your own premises. You are responsible for the server’s health and maintenance, and for all security-related matters; it is your own server.

Private Cloud

The solution server component is installed on infrastructure you lease in a data center that is managed by a hosting party. Your contract with the hosting party stipulates who is responsible for the health and maintenance of the infrastructure, and for security-related matters.

Public Cloud

You use the solution as a service. The server component is pre-installed and available for you in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about server health, maintenance or security.

Wellspring Software Transforms Document Processes with XperiDo and SugarCRM

Learn how Wellspring Software transformed their order fulfilment and contract renewal processes with XperiDo for Sugar, saving a tremendous amount of time and money while enhancing customer communications.

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