Xpertdoc Template Designer

Our robust Xpertdoc Template Designer add-in allows you to easily and efficiently create responsive and visually appealing templates leveraging Microsoft Word’s powerful functionalities.

Design Powerful Document Templates with Microsoft Word

Xpertdoc’s intuitive Template Designer gives you the tools to create responsive, sophisticated and visually appealing templates, and configure complex workflows and business rules so you can generate highly personalized and engaging forms and documents with accurate content, terminology, corporate branding and format – quickly and easily.

In addition to leveraging Microsoft Word’s powerful functionalities for document composition, our Template Designer automates the integration of customer information and data from multiple sources (CRM, ERP, CPQ, ECM or spreadsheets), barcodes and QR codes, graphics and tables, digital and multimedia content, as well as language variations based on customer preference, jurisdiction or country. It also lets you add in expressions and statements to incorporate calculations, complex conditions for inclusion or exclusion of content, and to determine the business flow of a template. And with our “Preview” function, you can review the templates before making them available across the organization, ensuring document quality and accuracy.

Leverage Your Microsoft Skill Set and
Reduce IT Dependence

Microsoft Word is the leading word processing and document composition platform; widely used in the workplace, its interface and core functionalities are familiar.

By building our Xpertdoc Template Designer in the Microsoft Word environment, we enable business users to leverage their existing skills, eliminating the need to learn another new document system, reducing the dependency on IT resources and avoiding the issues of being locked-down with proprietary technology.

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