Add sophisticated document generation and output flow capabilities to your software applications.

Document Generation for Your Applications

Xpertdoc Smart Flows Connect is a ready-to-use server-side component that adds document generation and output flow capabilities to your software applications. Whether you develop small applications for business users or fully-fledged applications for entire departments, Smart Flows Connect provides you with the API services you need so you don’t have to worry about anything related to generating documents.

An Extensive API for Smooth Integration

Smart Flows Connect offers an extensive API library, which enables smooth integration with your own software applications. Built for IT personnel, Smart Flows Connect lets you add to your applications custom buttons and features programmed to accomplish a specific task. It provides access to full documentation on all API calls and response messages.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows Connect's Intuitive Features

User-friendly Control Panel

Smart Flows Connect includes a control panel used to easily and efficiently manage flows, templates, data sets, users, connectors, and more.

Visually Modeled Flows

Your business users can visually model and configure document flows using our intuitive Smart Flow Builder, a tool that simplifies the document generation process.

Intuitive Dashboard

Smart Flows Connect features a reporting and monitoring dashboard that shows information about the documents created and flows previously ran.

Template Creation Made Easy

With Xpertdoc Smart Flows Connect, you can combine data sets from multiple sources into a single template. This allows you to incorporate data that resides in any of your enterprise core systems – CRM, ERP, CPQ, product lifecycle management, and other data sources.

The Xpertdoc Template Builder enables you to:

  • Apply pre-defined or custom formats for date, time, numbers, currencies, etc.
  • Preview in five different file formats, with relevant sample records
  • Check-in and check-out templates; return to previous versions
  • Set rules for conditional text or data inclusion and formatting
  • Build lists and tables with recurring input data
  • Set parameters to group items within a loop
  • Filter your data and loop over subset items

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