Xpertdoc's Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 Features

Modern UI – web and mobile-ready with dashboard-style reporting

With its responsive design, the modern user interface (UI) is built to easily and efficiently solve your document generation challenges, while appealing to the unified interface expectations of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 is available in the classic web UI as well as in the new Unified Interface in Dynamics 365. Integrated in Unified Interface apps, our Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 provide an interactive user experience both on the web and on connected mobile devices.

Xpertdoc’s Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 also include an enhanced management console, providing an integrated control panel with access to project settings and controls over a variety of configurations. A reporting interface offers detailed insights in adoption and system health. Use and volume across the organization can be visualized in a dashboard-style report, and possible errors within a flow can be easily found and resolved.

Data Set Builder for the creation of various types of data set – standard D365, custom and XML

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 have an improved Data Set Builder, with a refreshed, modern UI and a better navigation experience. It enables the creation of three types of data set:

  • Standard data sets: They are a collection of Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities, entity fields and relations. At runtime, the data defined in a standard data set will fetch by an out-of-the-box connector into Dynamics 365.
  • Custom data sets: Samples for custom data sets can be created, so you can test different user input scenarios while designing your templates, without ever leaving your template building environment in Microsoft Word. At runtime, a custom data set will render as a web form.
  • Schema data sets: You can upload XML files that correspond to the data set’s XSD schema, and use these XML files as samples in Word by retrieving corresponding XML data via a REST service call at runtime.

Composed templates with conditional segments using "drag and drop" function

Composed templates, called “compositions”, are sets of content segments that can be dragged and dropped into a document during template design – body, header, footer, insert zone. With Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365, segment insertion can be conditional, and conditions can leverage CRM data as well as user input.

Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication utilizing Xpertdoc or D365 user profile

When connecting to Xpertdoc’s Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 for the first time, users can benefit from quick and easy Single Sign-On authentication. By utilizing their Dynamics 365 user profile, the need to remember multiple passwords is removed which confirms the seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and our Smart Flows. This convenient and easy connection experience doesn’t compromised corporate security protocols related to enterprise core systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

Combination of multiple data sources to form 1:N or N:1 relations

With Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365, you can combine data sets from multiple sources into a single template. This allows you to combine data that resides in any of your enterprise core systems – CRM, ERP, CPQ, product lifecycle management, and other data sources. Additionally, data can be manually input by users during the document generation process.

All data sets related to a template show up in the mapping pane of the Xpertdoc Template Builder, in Microsoft Word. With the concept of pseudo relations, you can link entities from one data set to entities from another to form 1:N or N:1 relations.

Flexible deployment options – on-premise or in the Azure cloud

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed on-premise, or in a public or private cloud environment. Xpertdoc is committed to making the public cloud service of our Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 available on each of the 50 Azure regions around the globe. Even though we have adopted a “cloud first” approach, we provide multiple deployment options  on-premise or hybrid – so you have the flexibility to choose which one works best for your organization.

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