Digitize your inbound data intake process while empowering your customers’ need for self-service.

Web-based, Dynamic Data Capture

Xpertdoc Smart Forms are responsive, web-based or embedded data capture forms that enable your customers to easily enter and submit their information electronically, through a simpler, faster, better, paperless and guided process. By exchanging manual, paper-based and error-prone processes for a digital version, you can benefit from lowered resource costs and improved internal efficiencies to positively impact your customers’ experience.

Features to Power and Automate Your Processes

With robust features that create a better experience, Xpertdoc’s Smart Forms empower your business users to complete processes better and faster than ever before.

Creation & Mapping

Configure complex business rules and paths, test your logic in real time, and define new-user flows in minutes, with our “drag n’ drop” Smart Form Designer.

Custom Branding

Create Smart Forms that comply with your branding standards, with limitless CSS styling.

Digital Interactions

Embed Smart Forms in your existing digital infrastructure and send your data wherever it needs to go, in whatever format it needs to be.

Responsive Design

Give customers a truly omni-channel experience, where they can begin a process on one device and finish on another without missing a beat.


Provide auto-completing fields that pull your own data to make entering information faster, easier and error-free.

Dynamic Questions

Direct customers down different paths based on their answers, so they only see questions that are relevant to them, reducing errors and improving completion rates.


Complete Smart Forms on any device, send your outputs where they need to go, and sign them electronically – all without handling paperwork.

The Benefits of Digitally Transformed Business Processes

Fast Creation & Rapid Deployment

Design, deploy and edit Smart Forms in minutes using the Xpertdoc Smart Form Designer.
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Accurate Data You Can Use

Smart Forms collect accurate data from the start, saving you the time of ensuring it is error-free.
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Data That Works the Way You Do

From PDF to digital formats, Smart Forms automatically generate the data you need, exactly how you need it.
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How to Efficiently Capture Customer Data Through Digital Processes

Read through our compelling use cases to see how organizations have implemented our Smart Form technology, enabling their employees to easily complete complex data capture tasks, and generate personalized, relevant documents in minutes via digital and automated processes.

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