Consolidating Customer Information for a Better CX: How to Get your Data in One Basket

There is an old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” meaning it’s risky to group all your possibilities together. But in business, sometimes you want all your eggs, or customer information components, in one integrated spot – especially if you need to generate highly personalized, data-driven documents to create a better customer experience (CX).

A document generation solution like Xpertdoc can leverage customer information components found in any enterprise core system, exposing selected data fields and inserting them into customizable templates. This enables you to pull customer data from multiple sources into one main basket – your document. Add in automation capabilities, and you suddenly have a whole new level of integration and functionality.

For example:


Xpertdoc’s modern capabilities consolidate data from different sources into one smart document, which comes in handy when generating sales documents. Say you’re a field representative and spend most of your time on the road. You just left a prospect meeting and they asked you to send them a quote within the hour. Luckily, you have your laptop with access to your CRM containing most of the prospect information, but not any of the product information you need to create the quote. You need to pull that information from an Excel sheet.

With Xpertdoc, the sales person creates a standard quote template and links both data sources, CRM and Excel, so he can map the required data fields dynamically into the quote template. Your prospect can receive your quote instantly. And with our e-signature integrations to DocuSign, Sertifi, Adobe Sign and OneSpan Sign, your prospect can sign off on the spot.


Stacy just landed her first salaried job and wants to open a savings account. She’s had a checking account at her bank for some time, and assumed the process would be swift, as the bank already has her information. Unfortunately, that bank has some catching up to do. They send her a link to a web form where she can enter her information online.

If her bank used Xpertdoc, they could pull Stacy’s existing information in its CRM system and combine it with data captured on the web-based smart form to populate the application. Xpertdoc also automates follow-up documents/emails, such as updates and specials tailored for Stacy’s newly linked checking and savings accounts.

It’s not just about how data is leveraged, but how a good document generation system can consolidate and integrate that information in dynamic templates. When customer information becomes a smart entity, the result is a great CX – which means returning customers.

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