Interacting with Millennials

Millennials – whether college freshmen or established professionals – are innate to technology. In the past few years, social media and mobile usage have changed the way we all use the Internet. No longer do we simply browse websites; we want to interact online with the companies we do business with. Social media has become such a big part of our lives. We use it to connect with friends and family, but also with brands.

Millennials do not take time to watch TV or website popup ads, which frankly we find annoying. We are always connected, but we also want to spend our time online productively (or what we see as productive at least – yes, that means spending hours on Facebook every week). Social media is where we will find your organization, read reviews and create an opinion about your brand; it is not your fancy ads that will impress us, it is your online presence.

If you want to reach your customers, then be where your customers are!


According to a recent Nielsen study, “Facebook Mobile tops the charts for millennial app usage in terms of both unique audience and time spent.” In fact, 72% of Millennials have a Facebook account and spend hours on the network – and it’s not just to look at our friends’ pictures.

B2C companies can benefit from this platform by posting new products and special offers, and engaging with their online community – answering questions, commenting on posts, sharing reviews, providing surveys, etc.


While not as popular as Facebook, many Millennials use Twitter, mainly to see what is trending, or as a source of news. This does not prevent us from following brands we like in order to support them, and to receive regular updates about those companies.

If you want to reach Millennial consumers on this platform, tweet and re-tweet content that are of interest to them yet relevant to your industry, and do it as often as you can. Make sure that this content is not only about you; to grow your audience and be successful on Twitter, you can’t be selfish and should share others’ posts. Also, follow thought leaders – chances are they’ll follow you back.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks, and 73% of the 300 million users are Millennials. We are drawn to this platform because it is visual. Instagram is fast and easy to scroll through, is updated daily, and illustrates brand identity. Many businesses host contests on their Instagram page to get more engagement.


We tend to trust our social circle and even total strangers more than companies. This is why Pinterest has become such an important platform for many of them. Through Pinterest, Millennials get to discover products and brands, while interacting with them at the same time. In fact, “Pinterest has the highest sales conversion rate”: 47% of Millennials purchase something online after pinning it on one of their boards.

While being accessible is important, being direct and honest is critical. Millennials do not like to be sold to. We like to interact with organizations and brands, but prefer to do it through our chosen method; social media.

Companies don’t have to be everywhere. Depending on what you are selling, use the right social media platform. Be online, where your customers are, and be part of the conversation!

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