Boosting street appeal: Remodel customer communications first

Many insurers understand the core business systems they’ve been using for decades probably need replacing. Substantially changing the way you do business, though, is like bulldozing your property and rebuilding. The transition may be necessary, but it will take some time.

For a more immediate impact on the customer experience, companies can focus on document output and customer communications. Customers will notice enhanced communications right away. Those messages are responsible for first impressions and ongoing relationships your organization has with its customers. By updating these critical customer touchpoints now, insurers can buy themselves time to tackle more intense development projects happening behind the scene.

Some of the core business systems providing essential functionality at insurance firms today were created back in the mainframe days. They may have been ported to more contemporary platforms over the years, but the underlying logic, along with a collection of patches and workarounds still exist. Fortunately, modern Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems can replace old document strategies without disrupting core applications. It’s like building a new front porch on your house. You won’t have to move out while doing the work, but it will make a big difference in customer perception!

Content and documents – Your company’s front yard

Customers don’t see your claims management system, your accounting software, or most other critical business operations. They do see your documents and your website.

Here are 3 easy ways to freshen up customer communications:

  1. Document composition – In a fast-paced and competitive environment, long waits for IT resources to react to market or regulatory changes can mean lost opportunities. It might be time to ditch those old tech-heavy document systems. Present-day solutions allow business users to edit and create new documents using tools like MS Word and skills they already have.
  2. Channel management – Some messaging is perfectly suited for delivery via email, mobile apps, or online. Given a choice, customers may prefer to have some printed materials delivered in digital form. The best way to encourage customers to convert to a digital channel is through personal contact during agent or customer service interactions.
  3. Content relevance – Customers have made it clear they expect companies with whom they do business to use information on hand to eliminate irrelevant and redundant messages. Modern document composition software allows companies to replace generic boilerplate text with variable-driven content. Auditing all outbound communications can uncover messages of little value to customers such as duplicates, and documents that are confusing or conflicting.

Major infrastructure overhauls can take years to complete. They are disruptive, and they require extensive testing. It’s like re-wiring and re-plumbing your house! Putting a new face on customer communications, however, is a more manageable task. Due to high visibility, customers will be immediately impressed.

Experlogix, LLC Acquires Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

Experlogix, LLC fait l’acquisition de Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

This acquisition brings significant value to Xpertdoc customers and partners and we are excited to become part of the Experlogix family. This further strengthens our effort to help organizations deliver better documents, faster.

Cette acquisition amène une valeur considérable aux clients et partenaires de Xpertdoc. Elle renforce nos efforts pour aider les organisations à distribuer de meilleurs documents, plus vite. Nous sommes heureux de faire partie de l’équipe d’Experlogix.