Communication Is King in Business: 5 Tips to Help Develop an Effective Customer Communications Strategy

I recently spoke with a frustrated CEO who shared with me that his company has lost their edge. He elaborated by describing that when producing proposals, agreements and other client facing correspondence, their response time was long, inconsistent and at times, inaccurate resulting in poor overall communication. But like in any successful relationship, good communication is key.

Take IBM as an example. In an article published in the Economist, it suggested that IBM’s success was due more to its strong customer relationships than with its products. The fact that this large organization has always kept up regular communication with its customers has been essential to it’s success.

Here are just a few tips to help develop an effective communications strategy for your business:

1. Audit the type of documents and communications your company sends out – This will help centralize and track your communications guaranteeing consistency.

2. Recognize opportunities – What is the purpose of the document going out? Can you supplement with additional pertinent information? Identify different strategies and seize opportunities to educate, collect more data and upsell.

3. Communication channels – Identify the different ways your customer likes to receive documents and communications. Content will dictate whether its received by email, SMS, social, website, print or a combination if these channels. Understanding the preferred channels of your customer improves response time.

4. Effort to implement – Empower novice business users to create, manage and publish templates with a simple template designer with familiar user interface. But for advanced designers the flexibility to create templates with complex conditional logic. Intelligent templates are data-driven with built-in business rules and capable to leverage data from any core system or combination of systems.

5. Define measurable goals and strategies – Each interaction and customer engagement is an opportunity to better understand your customer. Data analytics will help design data-driven communications that can influence cross and upsell opportunities.

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