Customer Communications Management 101: My Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a CCM Platform

Communication. Communication. Communication. It is the key to building not only lasting but profitable relationships – especially with your customers.

Choosing the right customer communications management (CCM) solution for your business is an important step in the development of a holistic customer communication strategy. The right platform can create highly-personalized and contextual correspondence delivered in ways that your customers prefer which leads to a better experience for your customer and improved loyalty and growth for your business.

So, here are my top 3 considerations when looking to choose a CCM platform;

1. What are the different types of communications needed?

  • Are there in-bound data collection needs (e-onboarding, e-application, etc.)
  • How sophisticated do documents need to be – do they need to include other documents, templates, or digital assets like pictures, or videos for example?
  • Multi-language or multi-currency support?
  • What conditional logic, variable language and business rules can be applied at a template level?

The more power you have at a template level, the more streamlined and automated your workflows can become. Reducing the need to modify final rendered documents.

2. Examine your document production.

  • Manual one-off/on-demand document generation
  • Scheduled batch production
  • Interactive ad-hoc documents

Understanding production tendencies can save money as businesses move to cloud ecosystems.

3. Understand how your audience wants to receive the communication.

  • What channels are available?
  • What are their preferred channels (print, online, email, SMS, etc.)?

In a day and age where everyone is saturated with information, the value of each touch point is increasing. Combining critical information like billing and marketing into a single document is more common. Leverage each touch point to include a high value call to action.

Take these points into consideration as you explore ways to improve and expand your organizations communication. Look for a solution that has the right balance to meet all your needs big or small.

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