It’s all About the Data: The Steps to Creating a Response-Driven Personalized Communication Strategy – The Personalized Customer Experience (Part 2)

The hard part about developing a response-driven communication strategy is the collection, storing, and use of the data. An enterprise-wide project to acquire and combine all customer contact data can be overwhelming. To begin making documents more responsive, start with a pilot project. Choose a single application where collection and use of customer data and feedback will impact the customer experience. The model can be extended to other applications later.

1. Identify all the customer touch points where relevant data might be acquired. This could include online or paper forms, applications, surveys, or customer service calls.

2. Establish a CRM or database to store the customer-level data. Besides new information captured from customer interactions, the database should link to other pertinent data such as products purchased, renewal dates, coverage levels, or years as a customer. Information important for communicating with customers on a personal level should be made available for document composition.

3. Create dynamic document templates and triggers to generate relevant messages based on available information.

4. Give front-line sales and CSR employees mechanisms to alter content in the communications based on their direct interactions.  Personalizing the correspondence changes a pre-established drab form letter into a personalized experience.

5. Query customers to see if the communications are improving customer experiences. Make adjustments to data-gathering processes or document templates as necessary.

Measuring results is always important. Track statistics such as referrals, renewals, customer service calls, and complaints. Complaints, in-fact, should be given the most attention when working to improve the customer experience.

If the pilot application generates positive results, the response-driven concept can be rolled out to other applications throughout the organization.

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