3 Ideas: Speak to your Members in Ways and Channels that Resonate with THEM

Many health insurers, all rich with member data and statistics, still struggle to leverage that data when communicating with their policyholders at key touchpoints. This results in low impact interactions with them and ultimately low value to both members and plans.

In our consumer-driven healthcare world, the value of having a comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) solution cannot be ignored. Technology that leverages your member data and personae to deliver personalized messaging and material at key touchpoints can help insurers monetize more of their member interactions.

Here are 3 core areas to address:

  1. Engage through the members’ preferred channels: Know how each member wants to interact with you – what are the communication channels and media they prefer? If you take the time to identify this key element, you can leverage technology to deliver a personalized experience, especially when it comes to written communications. As we continue to transition to digital, this can be a game-changer for some plans in terms of developing deeper member loyalty strategies. If one plan won’t do it, they will find one that will.
  2. Think about influencing member medical management: Insurers can customize typical communications to specific member demographics, promoting wellness & preventive care programs, disease management guidance, and other tools to improve member health and healthcare outcomes. While some still debate how much we can influence behavioral change, one thing is clear: health plans mustleverage every tool available to try to move this needle.
  3. Help consumers improve their understanding of health insurance, during enrollment and throughout the entire journey: Healthcare literacy is still a huge issue on a number of fronts. A May 2015 Bureau of Economic Research (Bhargava, Loewenstein & Sydnor) study found that “most subjects lacked… understanding of insurance concepts such as a deductible and copayment, and these deficits in insurance literacy predicted poor plan choices.” Improving this literacy will help increase satisfaction by providing members with information pertinent to them individually, while helping them better understand their benefits and how to best use them.

Xpertdoc’s award-winning CCM technology is being used by a number of health insurers for these very purposes, and numerous others including easing the enrollment process and helping plans migrate to digital to improve member experience. As they use our technology to enhance the resonance of their interactions with policyholders, they are also able to drive previously untapped internal efficiency gains. More on this latter point in my next blog.

Experlogix, LLC Acquires Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

Experlogix, LLC fait l’acquisition de Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

This acquisition brings significant value to Xpertdoc customers and partners and we are excited to become part of the Experlogix family. This further strengthens our effort to help organizations deliver better documents, faster.

Cette acquisition amène une valeur considérable aux clients et partenaires de Xpertdoc. Elle renforce nos efforts pour aider les organisations à distribuer de meilleurs documents, plus vite. Nous sommes heureux de faire partie de l’équipe d’Experlogix.