The Art of Millennial Communication – How to Better Engage with these Digital Natives!

Take it from the guy who met his now fiancé by throwing her a note in a crowded room; effective communication is the key to success in today’s day and age.

Knowing how to effectively communicate with your customers could make or break your business; so why are organizations having trouble connecting with millennials? Businesses large and small are trying to hit the target when it comes to this new generation of people in the workplace that make up just over a third of all US employees, yet some are still struggling.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this story of a millennial whose insurance company dropped the ball on communicating to them, and how that lack of communication lead to the company losing a customer.

This story is about a millennial growing up in rural Massachusetts who had recently been engaged to a girl he met because he threw a note. For the sake of protecting all that are involved, we’ll simply call the character of this story… “Dave”. As a millennial, it’s hard for “Dave” to keep track of things that aren’t electronic; mail usually gets glanced over and ends up in the recycle bin shortly thereafter. Equipped with the knowledge of his tendencies, when “Dave” signed up for his car insurance coverage, he made sure to sign up to receive all documents electronically.

Now, fast forward a few months and “Dave’s” habits of mail ending up in the recycle bin are still in full swing. Normally this would be okay, except for the fact that he was being notified via mail by his insurance carrier that there was a change in policy and he needed to pay just a little extra per month or else his plan would be cancelled. Months went by, and “Dave” was blissfully driving around in his new car completely uninsured which is, well, less than ideal. The result? “Dave” switched his insurance carrier to a completely different one – one that recognized and fulfilled his communication needs.

Now, of course there is some blame on “Dave’s” shoulders, and there is no doubt he used this as a learning opportunity, but the question remains; why didn’t that company communicate with him more effectively?

The fact of the matter is that stories like these happen all the time, across all different channels of business throughout the world, and staying ahead of the trend of communicating to millennials can set your business apart from your competitors, whether you realize it or not.

From a business standpoint, it’s essential to remember that as a millennial, we’re not good, we’re not bad, we’re just… different. Sometimes, millennials don’t mind it if they get a note thrown at them in the middle of a crowded room. Other times, someone could be so used to using their phone that communicating electronically will be the best way to stay in touch. Deciphering which mindset each of your millennial customer has is so vital, and sometimes all you need to do is simply ask.

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