Strike While the Iron Is Hot: Leveraging Memorable Moments to Boost Customer Experience (CX)

There’s a lot of wisdom in the old saying “timing is everything.” Often, it’s not what you might ask for – it’s when you decide it’s a good time. For example, anyone who shares a household knows to wait until their partner is “in a good mood”, i.e. not stressed or anxious about something, to bring up holiday plans with the in-laws, for example. Kids somehow figure this out early, waiting until all seems calm on the parental front for an opportune moment to ask if they can use the car to go to a party.

This notion of leveraging good timing rings loud and true in the customer lifecycle of an insurance policy. Insurers should realize there are pivotal moments for their customers, rather than trying to connect over stretches when nothing is happening. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these pivotal interaction points:

1. Claims: After the policy becomes effective things are basically dormant and quiet until there’s an unpredictable event that triggers the claim process. Most people don’t even think about their policies; they’re in the file-it-and-forget-it category, like their vehicle registration. So when something does happen, insurers must be prepared to swoop in and maximize the timing. Claims usually only happen when a “negative” incident happens in the life of your customer. Being available, showing concern, empathy, and personalization while making the process easy and stress-free can drastically create a sense of customer loyalty.

2. Policy Issuance: Typically, the first window of opportunity to offer effective customer experience actually begins when they purchase their policy. When a customer needs an insurance policy, the agent, as the salesperson, must leverage the critical interaction moment with an efficient application and intake process. Simplify how easy it is for your customers to do business with you by accessing information about them without requiring them to repeat it and by taking this interaction point to educate them on options, coverages, and services you provide, and then tailoring the product for them is key.

Being prepared to leap into action isn’t just a good preventative practice, but provides a built-in safeguard from wearing out your welcome. When customers receive too much information and auxiliary offers that are just noise, they often react by tuning out. Leveraging timing, and responding with useful help in those crucial moments of need, boosts customers satisfaction and fuels a better customer experience, which leads to the ultimate goal of customer retention.

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