One Size Fits All or Does it When it Comes to a CRM? – The Big Business (Part 1)

Sometimes blanket solutions work, sometimes they don’t.

Take Christmas stockings. As the holidays approach, you’ll notice that most houses hang the same size festive stockings on their hearths, except for maybe the dog’s special biscuit-filled sock. Or, while we’re talking about winter (in the summer, as people do, which explains that Christmas-in-July phenomenon), what about the one-size-fits-all winter beanie hats – that often wind up in the stockings?

On the enterprise side of things, everyone knows that businesses have an interest in attracting and retaining customers – they need someone to buy those stockings and hats. But when it comes to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, one size does not fit all. Big and small businesses need different solutions. Although they share common goals, how do their CRM needs vary in terms of challenges, strategies, and approaches?

Bigger businesses need to engage with a wider customer base so therefore have different needs, requirements and roadmaps than their smaller counterparts. Like any entity, whether it’s a classroom, a country, or just a sidewalk café, the size of an organization means a different modus operandi.

In most cases, the bigger the business, the more customers. In the CRM world, this means the bigger guys must meet the needs of various demographics. Typically, a large company will require a more complex and scalable customer management system to make different types of customers happy. For example, if one customer segment isn’t even online, as some still aren’t due to demographic or location, the communication platform must be able to send and process documents through regular mail. This segment is increasingly the minority, but still exists. Another customer segment might only want to receive notifications electronically, especially those who had iPods and were posting videos to Twitter by the time they were three years old. A very large company that conducts international business will require a more sophisticated CRM platform to comply with varying policies.

Stay tuned for next month’s post as I go through the needs faced by small businesses.

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