One Size Fits All or Does it When it Comes to a CRM? – The Small Business (Part 2)

In my last post, I went through some of the needs big businesses require when it comes to CRM. This time around, let’s take a quick look at the smaller guys and how their needs differ from the big fish. First up – image.  It’s all about the image. Many big businesses like to portray the image of a small and trustworthy organization like a local store that’s been there forever. A modern CRM platform can help customize communications for a small-town feel. There’s also more data to store, organize, and analyze. Suddenly, scalability is key. The most effective CRM platform for a large business can morph and flex enough to process customers’ communication method preferences, which enhances their overall experience and adds to the retention numbers.

Small businesses have a different set of priorities. They already have the local-based, personal service, know-everyone-by-name-feel, because they are small. Because they know their smaller customer base more intimately, interacting with customers can be a bit simpler, depending on the business. For example, there might be a more focused demographic for an organic juice start-up than an established insurance company. Brand positioning could evolve at a faster rate, since a small business could process customer feedback and implement changes with less red tape and cooks in the kitchen. A more basic – but scalable – CRM platform could work until the need arises to add more communication streamlining capabilities. Building a CRM gradually would fit a smaller business model because it’s easier to control costs when you only buy what you need. There are many scalable solutions available for this, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Big or small, there are different challenges and needs across all businesses. The common denominator is to choose a scalable solution to drive customer communication and ensure a good customer experience.

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