Adding Value to Your Dynamics 365 Deals: How to Benefit from an Xpertdoc Partnership

Partnerships in business can be just as useful and fruitful as those found elsewhere. One example is partnering with Xpertdoc to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 by adding a user-friendly document generation solution. Suddenly, it’s a different animal, with modern, automated document capabilities that open the door to a whole new world of functionality and advantages.

Here are three key benefits of becoming an Xpertdoc partner:

  1. Technology Many folks believe creating and generating customer-facing documents involves coding skills and IT support. Not so. Xpertdoc for Dynamics 365 is a no code/low code document generation solution that empowers business users to create, manage and deliver data-driven and relevant documents. Your customers can build their own document flows, templates and forms, putting them in the driver’s seat. And an API integration allows for scalability and flexibility. Watch this short video to learn what Dynamic Communities User Group had to say about how Xpertdoc helps them generate better documents, faster and in return more effectively communicate with their customers.
  2. Support – Xpertdoc offers a full suite of services, including product installations, trainings and optimizations. We also provide additional tools in the form of sales, marketing and technical support in whatever combination makes sense to each reseller partner.
  3. Global Partner Program You’ll reap recurring rewards, like revenues from license and maintenance renewals each year. You’ll also have access to the Xpertdoc Partner Portal, one demo environment and five internal-use software licenses. To help meet your growth goals, Xpertdoc offers ongoing business reviews. Being a partner also means you’ll continue to expand your network and business potential as a member of the global Xpertdoc community.

In business, needs vary, which is why Xpertdoc offers three tiers of reseller partnerships: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Read more about the requirements for these levels to determine the best match for you and your customers, and explore a natural win-win opportunity.

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