Five Reasons Why OEMing Boosts Business for Software Resellers

“Want fries with that?”

How many times have we heard the familiar offer of a combo? It is nearly impossible to get just one item from a drive-thru without being offered more, because technically it is a better deal. Behold – an everyday example of bundling, a marketing strategy that offers the customer complementary products in a bundle, such as a combo meal, that would cost more if they were bought separately.

In the business world, more software resellers are entering into partnerships to bring their customers similar benefits of convenience and savings. One example is selling Microsoft Dynamics 365 and bundling a document generation platform such as Xpertdoc Smart Flows. The end-user who purchases this OEM’d (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution automatically gains the added capability to create, manage and deliver business-critical documents, from a single platform.

Here are five reasons why resellers are partnering with OEMs to offer bundles:

  1. As a reseller, OEMing automatically gives your customers a discount while diversifying your own product.
  2. OEMing can increase efficiency for the end-user, which can lead to customer satisfaction and more business. By offering a single source for a multi-faceted solution, and providing the efficiency of a one-stop shop for more functionality, the reseller who OEMs can offer a more competitive and useful product on the market. This can lead to enhanced customer experience (CX) and, ultimately, increased business. End-users also like convenience, which includes products that are supported; another benefit of bundling that can boost CX is the embedded technical support.
  3. OEMing can add flexibility and personalization, providing customers with large or small needs with powerful technologies. As a reseller of CRM software, you might have a variety of customers, some with established international businesses, and some with more local, but growing, businesses. Let’s say you bundled Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your CRM solution, so you now offer cutting-edge, powerful document generation and automation tools for a price that a small business owner can afford. Then let’s say one of your customers, who owns a series of popular wine and cheese bars called Glass n’ Cheese, has expanded her business. She now has three thriving locations within a 100-mile radius. As a relatively small business end-user, she likes the concept of using her familiar software along with being able to customize documents and easily use different templates for each of the three locations. These types of personalized features reflect the satisfying attention to detail that OEM capabilities provide.
  4. OEMing helps grow your customer base immediately, by offering a more diverse product. Additionally, the dual product could open new doors by serving cross-industry needs. For example, the OEM functionality could be useful to help one industry connect to another, such as manufacturing and healthcare.
  5. OEMing expands marketing presence. With two products in one, each is getting a double dose of audience and marketing presence. Xpertdoc offers our partners opportunities for joint marketing and sales activities, such as webinars and press releases.

When it is the right fit, OEMing gives business a boost while enhancing the CX.

To learn more about our OEM partnership and Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365, visit our website, request a free 30-day trial and follow us on Twitter: @xpertdoc@pamelavelentzas

OEMing Boosts Business