Five Ways Xpertdoc Adds Value to SugarCRM

In business, managing documents can seem like a big ball of yarn. One reason companies of all sizes need and use a CRM (customer relationship management) system is to transform that ball of yarn into a solution that delivers the best customer experience (CX), drives sales, streamlines marketing emails, and keep customers coming back.

A solution like Sugar is known for its ability to help with management tools, unlocking areas of potential client revenue. Now that it’s integrated with Xpertdoc’s powerful document generation and document automation capabilities, it can rise to a new level of user accessibility, ease of use, and modern functionality.

Let’s say you are a sales representative, and it’s time for your customer to review a proposal, which also includes a final quote. The impatient customer wants the service or product as quick as possible and does not have time to come to your office to meet in person. With Xpertdoc for SugarCRM, you have the means to move fast.

Here are five ways Xpertdoc adds value to SugarCRM, making it a little sweeter for the CX:

1. “Drag and Drop” Capabilities

You can easily design your template from multiple data sets, using “drag and drop” functionalities. In the original Sugar, all the fields are hard coded in the template designer. If you aren’t a developer or IT person, you’d have to find one. Which isn’t good if you have an impatient customer.

2. Ability to Pull Data from Multiple Sources

Before, the only data source available would be Sugar, which is limiting when creating a template for document generation. With Xpertdoc’s capabilities, you can assemble data from various sources – such as plumbing and electrical suppliers – from other enterprise systems, or even Sugar, which would be handy if this were a repeat customer.

3. Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Renovation work is obviously visual. To be as specific as possible, you want to include a few images in your contract to show types of parts and where the work exactly will be done. In Sugar, images were limited to the header of the quote table. With Xpertdoc’s capabilities, you can add images where it makes sense, as you describe the work to be done. Narrating your work plan with images boosts the CX.

4. Options for Sending

Introducing more format options for sending. With Sugar, you were limited to sending in .PDF files. These days, people expect more and want to be able to easily see documents on mobile devices. Xpertdoc opens that door, so you can send your documents via email, SMS, or HTML.

5. Digital Signatures, the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Talk about a time saver. With Xpertdoc, your impatient customer does not have to make an appointment and drive to an office to sign papers. She can now do that on her phone in a matter of seconds. Two points for the CX!

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Xpertdoc Adds Value to SugarCRM