Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Digital Transformation Game

Digital transformation, or the ever-evolving application of digital technology, is snowballing. Businesses are increasingly focused on it, knowing it’s key to staying competitive.  It may have snuck up on us, but here’s a look at the domino-effect, overlapping the way digital transformation has radically affected our lifestyles. It’s sort of like the game of rock, paper, scissors, where one entity replaces another.


A lot of people like rock music. A lot of people wanted to be in a band, but they just didn’t get around to it mainly because the process was a long one.  One that included recording equipment, studio time, a producer, and, of course, refining your talent.

In the age of digital transformation, you can make a record on your phone or iPad without all that other stuff. Every component of analog recording is pretty much available digitally. So, if you missed your chance to make your record in the analog era due to cost, no more excuses. Go make that Christmas record! And the new apps can cover up your lack of talent!


Paying bills online took a while to catch on. Older generations still can’t quite accept it; you might occasionally witness someone writing a check in the grocery store. Going paperless is finally considered standard, fueled by the widespread acceptance of online banking and daily e-commerce. One welcome side benefit: no more fishing around for checkbooks, stamps and envelopes to pay bills.


The big picture outcome of all this replacement and change inherent in digital transformation is the ability to cut things out, whether they are physical objects (recording gear, paper) or required tasks (going to the post office during the holidays). To shop, you don’t really need a car. In fact, you don’t even need a car to get to work anymore, with the rise of remote workplaces and inexpensive, cloud-based videoconferencing.

Who knows what the future holds, as digital transformation continues its exponential growth with its cause-and-effect, layered nature. All that’s certain is the tides are changing and companies are either leading the change or getting dragged behind.

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