Xpertdoc Smart Flows 2018 Release Preview Guide

The much-anticipated release of Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly XperiDo v4.0) is the first of several global Xpertdoc product developments, following the acquisition of XperiDo by Xpertdoc Technologies Inc. The unified Xpertdoc product suite combines the known features and advantages of the XperiDo solution with the advanced document automation expertise of the Xpertdoc team, to ultimately achieve one overarching customer benefit – better documents, faster.

Our customers have come to expect that we continuously innovate and think outside the box. The Xpertdoc Smart Flows integration therefore empowers (non-technical) business process owners to easily build and manage document generation and management flows that are key to the processes they own, without any help from their IT department. With Xpertdoc Smart Flows, document design and post-production processes can be established more efficiently without the need for technical knowledge or coding skills.

So what’s new?

Ultimately, Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 relies on an integrated and intuitive user experience with refreshed user interface (UI) and enterprise capabilities to offer a competitive edge in digital transformation or business scaling projects, where Dynamics 365 applications can be leveraged in a hosted or cloud infrastructure deployment.

For end-users:

  • Intuitive UI with responsive design and single window navigation.
  • Classic web UI and new Unified Interface on both web and connected mobile devices.
  • Integrated and easily accessible via the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface applications.
  • Simplicity and security compliance through Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication with Dynamics 365 user profile.

For template designers:

  • Document generation flows to visualize, manage and execute the entire document lifecycle.
  • Flow Builder to build simple or more complex processes with conditional content delivery scenarios.
  • The much-loved XperiDo Template Design for Microsoft Word add-in (now rebranded Xpertdoc Template Builder).
  • A whole array of input, output and delivery options.
  • New Data Set Builder connecting multiple data sources, within or outside Dynamics 365.

For administrators:

  • Integration of system/user administration into a visually appealing control panel.
  • Full control over project settings, connectors configuration, user admin and many other practical settings.
  • An overhauled reporting functionality to monitor the adoption, usage and performance of the solution.

For developers:

  • Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available with a brand new REST API (based on OpenAPI specification).
  • Every Smart Flows function can be called with programmed configurations (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE).
  • Advanced integration with other Xpertdoc platform features (Smart Forms, Template Manager, Document Services, etc.).

For the full details, download the Release Preview Guide.

Experlogix, LLC Acquires Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

Experlogix, LLC fait l’acquisition de Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

This acquisition brings significant value to Xpertdoc customers and partners and we are excited to become part of the Experlogix family. This further strengthens our effort to help organizations deliver better documents, faster.

Cette acquisition amène une valeur considérable aux clients et partenaires de Xpertdoc. Elle renforce nos efforts pour aider les organisations à distribuer de meilleurs documents, plus vite. Nous sommes heureux de faire partie de l’équipe d’Experlogix.