Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.2 Release Preview Guide

Xpertdoc is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Xpertdoc Smart Flows – v 4.2. This latest version continues to build on the integration between the product that was formerly known as XperiDo and the pre-existing Xpertdoc stack. As we continue developing the best solution for document automation, we’ll keep integrating both of these products as well as continuously adding new, powerful features.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows allows non-technical business process owners to easily build and manage the document generation and management flows they require, without needing the help of their IT department. With Xpertdoc, document automation, document design and post-production processes can be defined more efficiently, without technical knowledge or coding skills.

New Features

Out-of-the-box Integration with SugarCRM

Xpertdoc Smart Flows already had an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 for CE. We have now expanded this to support SugarCRM in a “plug-and-play” fashion, enabling Sugar users to upgrade from XperiDo 3.4 to Smart Flows 4.2, and access new and improved features on a faster platform.

Adobe Sign and OneSpan Sign Connectors

At Xpertdoc, we continuously build our document automation software and integrate key features that our customers want. Most of them were asking: “Do you support Adobe Sign?” and “Do you support OneSpan Sign?” integrations. This is not surprising, as these are two of the leading e-signature tools on the market. We can now proudly answer: “Yes!”

Pause Your Smart Flow, Edit Your Document

The Xpertdoc Portal integration has been extended with the ability to pause a smart flow, edit a generated document, and then resume the flow with the edited document. Whether used for a quick layout check or a standardized approval process, the “Send to Xpertdoc Content Manager” step empowers users to pause, review and resume.

Improvements to Connectors

Support for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement v 9.1

Xpertdoc Smart Flows 4.2 supports the latest 9.1.x version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CE, commonly referred to as the “April 2019 release”. For full compatibility, make sure you download the Xpertdoc Smart Flows Managed Solution v 4.2.x for Microsoft Dynamics v 9.1 and the Xpertdoc Smart Flows Managed Solution v 4.2.x for Microsoft Dynamics Workflows v 9.1.

Command Bar Controls for Unified Interface Apps

The Xpertdoc command bar buttons for starting flow executions have always been split buttons. Now, in the configuration section, you can choose which buttons will be shown in the command bars of your Unified Interface applications.

Support for Microsoft ADFS Authentication

The Xpertdoc Smart Flows integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 for CE on-premise deployments has enhanced support for authentication via Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Platform Enhancements


We’ve improved the licensing section in the Control Panel of Xpertdoc Smart Flows to show more details on the activated subscription. The new license view provides information on the product edition, the expiry date of the license, the activated connectors, as well as document and user volume allowances.

Queue Orchestration and Flow Stage Execution Timeout

Queuing of service requests has been revisited in version 4.2 in order to enhance performance and stability, and to guarantee optimal usage of available server resources. Here are the most important improvements:

  • Default queue size is now set to unlimited.
  • Queue orchestration for multitenant environments on shared infrastructure has been improved.
  • Flow execution stages can be set to timeout after a pre-determined period of time.
  • A priority can be set for a flow execution.


The user interface of the reporting section in the Control Panel has been refreshed with vertical navigation. The overview of recent flow executions now has its own full list page to show more than 10 items.

Want to see the full 4.2 Release Preview Guide? You can find it here.

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Smart Flows 4.2