Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – General Availability Release

The eye-catching and much anticipated document generation solution of choice for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available globally, either through Xpertdoc or our partners. Since the preview release at the 2018 EMEA Summit in Dublin, we have received many satisfied responses from participants who registered to the Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 Early Access Program; the market unanimously agrees that our latest solution has certainly hit the sweet spot in offering:

  • enhanced user experience;
  • extended functionalities;
  • seamless Dynamics 365 integration; and
  • faster operation, scalability and cloud deployment.

These enhancements raise the bar, making Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 the best document generation solution for non-technical Dynamics 365 business users. Our customers and partners all over the world have come to expect that we continuously innovate and think outside the box. With our Smart Flows for Dynamics 365, document design and output processes can be created and managed more efficiently, without the need for technical knowledge or coding input.

To whet your appetite before you dive in yourself and try it, here are 4 convincing reasons to start using Xpertdoc’s Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 within your organization:

  1. Accelerate your document generation processes: You are empowered to configure the entire document generation and delivery process, step by step, within an intuitive 1-screen interface.
  2. Combine data pulled from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and any other sources: You can combine data sets from multiple sources into a single template. Additionally, data can be manually input by users during the document generation process.
  3. Ensure document generation consistency across all departments: Build simple or more complex processes that contain conditional scenarios including one or more templates, and choose from a variety of input, output and delivery steps.
  4. Empower business users and reduce reliance on IT: The Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 integration empowers non-technical business process owners to easily configure and manage document generation and management flows that are key to the organization.

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 rely on an integrated and intuitive user interface, and include extensive enterprise capabilities to offer a competitive edge in digital transformation and business scaling projects. The solution is easily scalable, provides unprecedented security as well as high availability and performance with a completely new Java-based engine. The general availability release showcases our philosophy of revolutionizing the ease of use, seamless Dynamics 365 integration, and speed in processing to ensure our customers are enabled to create and deliver better documents, faster.

To learn more about Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365, visit our product section, request a free 30-day trial and follow us on Twitter: @xpertdoc

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365

Experlogix, LLC Acquires Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

Experlogix, LLC fait l’acquisition de Xpertdoc Technologies, Inc.

This acquisition brings significant value to Xpertdoc customers and partners and we are excited to become part of the Experlogix family. This further strengthens our effort to help organizations deliver better documents, faster.

Cette acquisition amène une valeur considérable aux clients et partenaires de Xpertdoc. Elle renforce nos efforts pour aider les organisations à distribuer de meilleurs documents, plus vite. Nous sommes heureux de faire partie de l’équipe d’Experlogix.