Giving Back Memorable Donor Experience with Automated Donation ProcessAutomated Donation Process

Non-profit organizations that rely on donations strive to keep administrative costs low and donor engagements high. Part of the efforts to achieve these goals may involve manual administrative activities, often performed by volunteers or part-time employees. Unfortunately, this practice puts important aspects of the fundraising operation in jeopardy. Consistency, timeliness and personal touches are difficult […]

Got Customer Data? Here Is Why You Need a CRMCRM - Personalized Service

Data isn’t what it used to be. Before the dawn of digital transformation, business data was the result of a process – like a simple sales receipt, for example. But with new abilities to store, analyze and segment data, it is now a powerful tool that can offer valuable and interesting new insights into business […]

Your Documents Could Probably Use an Overhaul: 4 Ways a Document Generation Solution Can HelpDocument Generation Solution

Believe it or not, no company is perfect. I know that is not necessarily Earth-shattering news here, but it is important to remember that every successful company is always looking for a way to get better in one way or another. One of the hottest trends in the last few years has been the focus […]

Dope Docs: Five Tips for Designing Effective Document Templates that will Improve Customer Communications

Although the world is full of graphics programs, not everyone has the skill set of a designer. Even templates – pre-made forms you just drop information into – can be squirrely and annoying to end-users, despite the fact they are supposed to be easy and efficient. Some documents seem to have a life of their […]