Digital Transformation in Financial Services: How to Achieve Business Process Transformation Through AutomationDigital Transformation in Financial Services

Over the last few years, there has been a great revolution in the financial services sector with FinTech innovations accelerating the digital transformation. FinTech (Financial Technology) describes new technology designed for financial services and banking that are transforming the way business was traditionally done. For instance, digital transformation in financial services has led to revolutionary […]

Time to Re-think Your Paper-based Mortgage ApplicationsOnline Mortgage Applications

The mortgage business is all about paper. Boilerplate forms and informational content have to be read, interpreted, filled out, signed, copied, and physically moved around to financial institutions, brokers and borrowers. Traditional paper-based mortgage applications can take hours, days even, of staff time to process. Much of that time is wasted waiting for documents passing […]

Stop Struggling with SSRS Reports: Five Ways Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 Zap the HassleXpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365

We are all creatures of habit. Sometimes we do the same thing without realizing there might be a better alternative. For example, each morning, you pack your gym bag. It is kind of a pain to get your shoes to fit in with your clothes, and you usually wind up forcing everything in after a […]

The Magic of Highly Personalized Insurance – How Smart Forms for Mobile Insurance Apps Drive New Levels of InteractionPersonalized Insurance with Smart Forms

Everyone enjoys fairy tales. They are fun – everything is pretty, the good prevail (usually), the backdrop is a celebration of some kind, and they take place in a fantastical setting, usually far, far away. One of the most popular features of a fairy tale is that there is magic, and specifically, that things magically […]

From Old School to New School: Top 5 Considerations for Insurance Carriers Looking to Modernize their Document Automation Processes

1. The time is now – Carriers can no longer sit idle when it comes to providing policyholders access to all their policy, claims, and billing information. Not only does this information have to be readily available, policyholders also want to have the freedom of choice with respect to how they view their documents (paper […]

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Why It’s Time to Start Focusing on Your Documents

Improving efficiencies has been the driving force in the manufacturing sector for many years. Up until recently, 80% of a manufacturer’s focus has been on running a more efficient facility, which includes a shift to industry 4.0 and becoming a “smart shop” – using technology to support lean manufacturing and other operational processes. But what […]