How to Create Data-Driven, Compliant Personal Financial Statements (Without IT)Personal Financial Statements

Personal financial statements are challenging documents to design and produce. They are filled with variability which means the statement template design must accommodate all variations and combinations. Nearly all the content on a financial statement varies including the number of detail lines, page counts, types of account and transactions, graphs, ads, and more. Regulatory environments […]

Your Documents Could Probably Use an Overhaul: 4 Ways a Document Generation Solution Can HelpDocument Generation Solution

Believe it or not, no company is perfect. I know that is not necessarily Earth-shattering news here, but it is important to remember that every successful company is always looking for a way to get better in one way or another. One of the hottest trends in the last few years has been the focus […]

Case by Case: A Good Document Automation Platform Can Improve Local Government Case Management

The digital age is definitely here, as evidenced by almost every aspect of daily life. The world is at your fingertips – or rather your device. Order food, review a restaurant, make reservations, plan a trip, buy a dog treat, book a trip to Mars – okay, we are not quite there yet, but you […]

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Why It’s Time to Start Focusing on Your Documents

Improving efficiencies has been the driving force in the manufacturing sector for many years. Up until recently, 80% of a manufacturer’s focus has been on running a more efficient facility, which includes a shift to industry 4.0 and becoming a “smart shop” – using technology to support lean manufacturing and other operational processes. But what […]