Leverage Data and Automation to Optimize Your Insurance Underwriting ProcessesUnderwriting Processes - Automation

For many carriers, insurance underwriting processes rely on paper-driven workflows that can be inefficient. Underwriters can spend more time navigating these processes than working on the underwriting tasks themselves. Long turnaround times associated with paper-based, manual workflows are frustrating for your employees and customers. But modern document automation solutions like Xpertdoc Smart Flows solve these […]

Optimizing Your Customer Communication with Claims Process AutomationClaims Process Automation

The way an insurance company handles claims influences the customer experience more than any other transactional interaction companies have with their customers. Policyholders are concerned about receiving their payments, on top of the stress caused by the incident itself which may include physical pain, medical procedures, property damage, or other loss; even death. Communications during […]

Content Management 101: Five Tips to Create a Content Management PlanContent Management

Businesses are like roads, with their constant ebb and flow of moving parts, red lights, green lights, yield signs, stop signs, and even dead ends. Rules of the road and traffic signals instill some order so folks know when it’s their turn to go, or when to merge. In business, content – the vehicles of […]

The Magic of Highly Personalized Insurance – How Smart Forms for Mobile Insurance Apps Drive New Levels of InteractionPersonalized Insurance with Smart Forms

Everyone enjoys fairy tales. They are fun – everything is pretty, the good prevail (usually), the backdrop is a celebration of some kind, and they take place in a fantastical setting, usually far, far away. One of the most popular features of a fairy tale is that there is magic, and specifically, that things magically […]

From Old School to New School: Top 5 Considerations for Insurance Carriers Looking to Modernize their Document Automation Processes

1. The time is now – Carriers can no longer sit idle when it comes to providing policyholders access to all their policy, claims, and billing information. Not only does this information have to be readily available, policyholders also want to have the freedom of choice with respect to how they view their documents (paper […]