How Xpertdoc Smart Flows Boosts Power Automate CapabilitiesSmart Flows Boosts Power Automate

Sometimes you need IT expertise. But sometimes you can’t slow down your entire business because your developers are busy and not available on short notice. Fortunately, in this age of digital transformation and technological evolution, certain tasks that once required a developer are now built-in software applications, empowering non-technical users with new levels of daily […]

Do You Communicate with Citizens via Personalized, Multilingual and Omni-Channel Documents?Communicate with Citizens

Government agencies should be about sharing knowledge, disseminating information, and enabling those they serve. Regrettably, government communications with citizens have a reputation of being difficult to understand and therefore not engaging. The result? Important messages don’t get read. And unread messages can affect public health and safety, or lead to unpleasant citizen encounters such as […]

The Fork in the Road: What Drives Companies to Look for a Document Generation SolutionDocument Generation Solution

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to say thank you and goodbye to a possession that served you well, like your car, for example. You need it for an important daily process: getting from point A to point B to point C. But when it becomes old and outdated, there is only so […]

Get into the Flow with Document Flow Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365!Document Flow Automation

There are so many ways to mark progress in human history. In recent decades, we’ve made huge leaps in technology and capabilities that have re-defined modern life. The evolution of document generation offers a similar picture. Progress isn’t measured only by a new product, but by automated capabilities that provide dynamic functionality, such as Xpertdoc […]

To “Document” Infinity and Beyond: Adding Value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Document Generation and AutomationDynamics 365 and Document Automation

Automation has always been a popular concept. Once a staple of science fiction lore, it has now become part of modern daily lives. One example is office automation which began back in the day with basic document management. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone used typewriters and filing cabinets to manage their office documents, […]

Five Reasons Why OEMing Boosts Business for Software ResellersOEMing Boosts Business

“Want fries with that?” How many times have we heard the familiar offer of a combo? It is nearly impossible to get just one item from a drive-thru without being offered more, because technically it is a better deal. Behold – an everyday example of bundling, a marketing strategy that offers the customer complementary products […]

Got Customer Data? Here Is Why You Need a CRMCRM - Personalized Service

Data isn’t what it used to be. Before the dawn of digital transformation, business data was the result of a process – like a simple sales receipt, for example. But with new abilities to store, analyze and segment data, it is now a powerful tool that can offer valuable and interesting new insights into business […]

Stop Struggling with SSRS Reports: Five Ways Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 Zap the HassleXpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365

We are all creatures of habit. Sometimes we do the same thing without realizing there might be a better alternative. For example, each morning, you pack your gym bag. It is kind of a pain to get your shoes to fit in with your clothes, and you usually wind up forcing everything in after a […]