Adding Value to Your Dynamics 365 Deals: How to Benefit from an Xpertdoc PartnershipXpertdoc Partnership

Partnerships in business can be just as useful and fruitful as those found elsewhere. One example is partnering with Xpertdoc to enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 by adding a user-friendly document generation solution. Suddenly, it’s a different animal, with modern, automated document capabilities that open the door to a whole new world of functionality and advantages. […]

Five Reasons Why OEMing Boosts Business for Software ResellersOEMing Boosts Business

“Want fries with that?” How many times have we heard the familiar offer of a combo? It is nearly impossible to get just one item from a drive-thru without being offered more, because technically it is a better deal. Behold – an everyday example of bundling, a marketing strategy that offers the customer complementary products […]