How Document Automation Enables Self-Service Reporting at Scale

One of the trends that has emerged from the increasing adoption of digital and cloud technologies is the rise of self-service, where business users can make use of advanced technology without IT involvement. In the world of finance, for example, Gartner recognized self-service data and analytics as one of the top drivers of employee productivity […]

How Template and Document Creation Drive Efficiency and Better Customer Experience

In the grander scheme of things, it’s pretty astounding to consider how our society has advanced over the past centuries, and even decades. Technology in particular has allowed us to take leaps and bounds forward in terms of innovation, enabling us to do business in better, more efficient ways than ever before. One specific asset […]

Digital Technologies and Human Resources: Three Ways to Optimize HR ProcessesHR Processes

Among all departments in an organization, human resources (HR) is probably the one that depends the most on forms. The entire employee lifecycle – beginning at new employee on-boarding through to performance evaluations, advancements, disciplinary measures, separation, and retirement – relies on forms and documents. Besides transactional forms related to employee/employer actions, HR typically audits, […]

The Benefits of Personalized Invoices and Automated, Integrated TechnologiesPersonalized Invoices

Your accounting department probably creates personalized invoices using multiple data systems, each of them storing a specific type of information. Your CRM system stores personal and professional information your company has collected about your customers, while your billing or accounting solution holds products and services prices in various currencies, discounts, tax percentages, shipping and handling […]

Do You Communicate with Citizens via Personalized, Multilingual and Omni-Channel Documents?Communicate with Citizens

Government agencies should be about sharing knowledge, disseminating information, and enabling those they serve. Regrettably, government communications with citizens have a reputation of being difficult to understand and therefore not engaging. The result? Important messages don’t get read. And unread messages can affect public health and safety, or lead to unpleasant citizen encounters such as […]

How to Create Data-Driven, Compliant Personal Financial Statements (Without IT)Personal Financial Statements

Personal financial statements are challenging documents to design and produce. They are filled with variability which means the statement template design must accommodate all variations and combinations. Nearly all the content on a financial statement varies including the number of detail lines, page counts, types of account and transactions, graphs, ads, and more. Regulatory environments […]

Document Generation and Flow Automation for Dummies: A Guide to Choosing the Right SolutionDocument Generation and Flow Automation for Dummies

When packing for a weekend trip, it is hard to know what exactly to take. You don’t want to overpack, but you don’t want to drive away wishing you had thrown in that one last item. Same goes when you are shopping for a document generation and flow automation solution. Like most competitive, modern businesses […]

Get into the Flow with Document Flow Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365!Document Flow Automation

There are so many ways to mark progress in human history. In recent decades, we’ve made huge leaps in technology and capabilities that have re-defined modern life. The evolution of document generation offers a similar picture. Progress isn’t measured only by a new product, but by automated capabilities that provide dynamic functionality, such as Xpertdoc […]

Dope Docs: Five Tips for Designing Effective Document Templates that will Improve Customer Communications

Although the world is full of graphics programs, not everyone has the skill set of a designer. Even templates – pre-made forms you just drop information into – can be squirrely and annoying to end-users, despite the fact they are supposed to be easy and efficient. Some documents seem to have a life of their […]