Limarc Automates New Cloud Service Processes from CRM

Project Profile

XperiDo for Microsoft Dynamics is an easy-to-use document generation solution that enables the creation, management, delivery, storage and e-signature of professional documents – all from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

About Limarc

Founded in 1983, Limarc is a Belgium-based company that provides professional coffee solutions and services to companies, restaurants, bars, and cafeterias, importing and distributing leading brands of coffee and espresso machines.

The Challenges

Limarc’s service administration and maintenance processes were heavily relying on paper documents. Every day, their service and repair technicians had to manually fill out a tone of paperwork for every single job they were doing. Documents were accumulating fast as business was growing; the company’s service and maintenance processes were not as efficient as they used to be. They decided it was time to reinvent them.

To replace their paper-based and manual processes, Limarc wanted a comprehensive and automated solution that would embrace cloud and mobile technologies. They adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and added two key components Resco, a global company developing mobile applications for CRM, and XperiDo, an easy-to-use document generation add-in for Dynamics CRM.

The Solution

From Paper-based Processes to Automated, Cloud Versions

Equipped with tablets and smartphones, Limarc technicians can use the new combined solution at their customers’ sites, no matter where they are. The intuitive software walks them through the entire service job; once completed, the customer signs off using the technician’s mobile device, and XperiDo creates a service report that describes the job that was done and includes the customer’s signature.

The service report documents are automatically generated as a background process, directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After a service job has been provided, the status of the corresponding CRM Service activity changes from “Planned” to “Completed.” Upon synchronization, this status change triggers a CRM workflow, where pre-configured XperiDo steps enable immediate document generation and delivery to customers.

Finally, the generated service reports are stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud through an automated process, and a link to the document is posted in the appropriate CRM record.

In our transition from paper to cloud and mobile with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Resco, XperiDo was the final piece of the puzzle for us.

Patrick Versluys
Chief Executive Officer of

Making the Most out of Generated Documents

The service report documents generated with XperiDo have a double purpose for Limarc. They serve as acknowledgements, delivered by email to customers requiring a copy of the service job details. And they serve as packing slips. Printed in the company’s warehouse, the service reports include a list of replaced components and used materials, which provides all the information Limarc employees need to unload and reload the service vans.

The Benefits

XperiDo for Microsoft Dynamics became a crucial component of Limarc’s transition from paper-based, manual service administration and maintenance processes to automated versions leveraging Microsoft and Resco’s cloud and mobile technologies. XperiDo allowed Limarc to automate the creation, generation, delivery and final storage of service reports in the cloud, accelerating document processes and increasing internal efficiency. The software was easy to use for technicians, with document generation processes being executed in the background, without the need for manual intervention.

The XperiDo solution also enabled the company to optimize their warehouse operations, as they leveraged real-time information included in their service report documents. The data helped Limarc employees load the service vans with the equipment and material needed, which improved service and, ultimately, customer experience.

Limarc gradually started using XperiDo for Dynamics in other business areas such as marketing and sales, where they felt it was natural to automate document generation.

XperiDo has been very easy to manage and use. And it combines wonderfully with our CRM customizations and third-party solutions. I can't imagine a better tool to automate document creation and delivery from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Patrick Versluys
Chief Executive Officer of

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