Luminus Accelerates Mobile Contract Generation Through CRM

Project Profile

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About Luminus

A subsidiary of EDF Group, Luminus is the leading green energy producer in Belgium, with 189 wind turbines and seven hydroelectric power plants. The company sells electricity, gaz and energy services, offering innovative energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to two million personal and corporate customers.

The Challenges

Luminus’ core mission is to enable customers to save energy and money. However, their Real Estate Development (RED) department was not enjoying the same benefits in their day-to-day contract generation operations; the Luminus RED sales representatives were spending about a full day per week manually creating reseller contracts for partners. Plus, they needed at least two visits to close a reseller partnership deal – one to shake hands on it and another to get the documents signed.

Luminus started their technology transformation by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their 1,400 reselling partners in the real estate development ecosystem. The project’s initial scope was to create a digital file cabinet, but it quickly evolved to become a full-blown productivity solution with the addition of two key components to the Dynamics CRM environment – Resco for mobility and Xpertdoc for document generation.

The Solution

Generating and Signing Contracts on the Road

One of the RED sales representatives’ main objectives is to identify new reselling partners for the company’s energy products and services, and on-board them as quickly as possible. To be successful, they needed access to information on these opportunities anytime, anywhere. They also needed to create professional, data-driven contracts and get them into the hands of the partners in a timely manner.

With Resco – a global company developing mobile applications for CRM – they can have full access to data stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on the road. And using Xpertdoc for Dynamics 365, they have the ability to create and generate the required documents, automatically incorporating personalized partner information with a single tap on their tablet. Xpertdoc’s integration with e-signatures allows new partnership deals to be sealed in minutes, on the spot.

The productivity gain for our sales representatives is huge. With Xpertdoc for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a single tap on their tablet creates and handles all their paperwork.

Jürgen Neysens
Channel Manager at
Luminus RED

Personalized Sales Kits

During the on-boarding process, the Luminus RED team provides partners with sales kits containing ready-to-use contracts and sales collaterals for their prospective customers. The company has its own print room to cater for the demand; Xpertdoc’s solution helped optimize the print room operations.

Instead of printing generic, “one size fits all” sales kits, the Luminus RED department can now generate a relevant subset of the documentation. The system also pre-populates specific data fields on the sales collaterals used by partners. For instance, a unique partner code is generated through Microsoft Dynamics CRM for each partner; the appropriate field is filled with the code on all documents via Xpertdoc, to further personalize the sales kits.

The Benefits

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Resco and Xpertdoc was a major time (and energy) and money saver. For the Luminus RED department, being able to easily and efficiently create and deliver data-driven contracts through digital processes meant they could close reseller partnership deals faster, in one meeting, which resulted in increased business growth.

The optimized print room allowed the team to make a significant cut in both print costs and partner sales administration time, as the Xpertdoc solution for Dynamics 365 enabled them to only print the parts of the sales kits that are relevant to a partner’s specific situation. The personalization capabilities of the system contributed to improving the partner experience.

The technology transformation project was facilitated by the Belgian division of NORRIQ, who’s work was greatly appreciated by the Luminus RED team.

It takes technical skills to implement a software and communication skills to get everyone on board. The NORRIQ team excels in both disciplines.

Jürgen Neysens
Channel Manager at
Luminus RED

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