In February 2018, Xpertdoc acquired XperiDo through 100% share purchase.
XperiDo 4.x is now Xpertdoc Smart Flows.
Xperido.com now redirects permanently to Xpertdoc.com.
En février 2018, Xpertdoc a fait l'acquisition de XperiDo par l'achat de 100% des actions.
XperiDo 4.x est maintenant Smart Flows Xpertdoc.
Xperido.com redirige maintenant et de façon permanente vers Xpertdoc.com.

Insurance Customer Documents in the Digital Age

This whitepaper highlights the central role of documents and correspondence in improving customer experience. In the digital age, it is critical for insurers to incorporate capabilities for the generation and delivery of omni-channel customer documents at various touch points. Xpertdoc is featured as a solution that offers such capabilities, and more.
Insurance Customer Documents Whitepaper_Thumbnail
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