Xpertdoc ROI Calculator

See How Much You Can Save with the Xpertdoc Platform

Before you spend a penny, work out the good business case for Xpertdoc. Our passion is documents, and our mission is to help companies like yours communicate more effectively with their customers. Use our simple ROI Calculator to see the proof!

This calculator is built to compare the cost of your current document generation process versus the cost of using Xpertdoc. It does not account for implementation and professional services costs.

Current Process With Xpertdoc
Number of Documents Created Per Year
Effort to Process Each Document (Hours)
Number of Resources Allocated
Avg. Hourly Cost Per Resource ($)
Total Cost of Resources ($)
Current Labor Cost to Process Use Case ($)

Annual Cost of Xpertdoc ($) 
Total Labor Cost + Xpertdoc Cost ($) 
Savings ($) 
Return on Investment (ROI) 

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