Big or Small

The Xpertdoc Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform addresses your unique business needs by offering solutions that solve the most basic to the most complex customer communications challenges.

End-to-End Communications Management

For organizations who want to rapidly adapt business processes and improve engagement across the entire customer lifecycle, Xpertdoc provides a platform enabling collaboration for the production of highly personalized, data-driven communications that support both customer preference and compliance goals.

Xpertdoc is your complete end-to-end Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution that integrates every single process involved in the design, delivery, and maintenance of documents into a smart, unified, and easy to use platform hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud or on premise.

Need to Migrate Your Legacy Documents? Xpertdoc Can Help

Xpertdoc’s patented migration technology takes the risks out of your legacy conversion efforts allowing you to achieve rapid business transformation, system modernization and realize actual benefits in weeks not months.

Have thousands of forms? No problem. Our fully automated approach to migration means that we can extract and convert tens of thousands of forms – content, format and business rules – while preserving all document attributes in record time.

We can automatically migrate Mosaic, IStream, Calligo, JetForm, Eloquence, xPression, and Microsoft Word forms and templates so you can get the most out of your investments.

Enable Electronic Application and Self-service, Quickly and Easily

Xpertdoc Smart Form technology enables you to dynamically collect customer data at various touchpoints and leverage that input to feed core systems or alter the resulting communications.

Simplify your process. Instead of the lengthy process of filling and sending out paper forms, customers have the option to submit them electronically. Completing contracts and e-applications, adding products or services to an account, updating customer information or requesting feedback are a few examples where you have a chance to connect with your customer and provide a enriched experience.

With features such as customizable web forms, embedded multimedia, integrated e-signature capability and document preview, you can eliminate data entry errors and empower your customers’ need for self-service.

Conceptualize and Release New Products Better and Faster

Bringing new products to market can be a labor-intensive exercise. With the involvement of multiple departments going back and forth, the process is often manual and if not carefully managed can result in compliance and other costly errors to the business.

The Xpertdoc Forms Lifecycle Workbench helps automate the new product development process from conception straight through to approval. By automating the steps, workflows, and approvals, you will benefit from improved form quality, faster time to market and reduced iterations – all while meeting compliance goals.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: E-Signature Support for Accelerated Workflows

Get digital documents into the hands of your customers faster – and capture signatures on policies, proposals, contracts, claims and many other forms and documents in minutes with native support for web, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

With prebuilt integrations to OneSpan Sign, AssureSign and DocuSign, business professionals can accelerate transactions, improve customer experience and strengthen security and compliance.

With Omni-channel Delivery Options, Engage Your Customers How They Want, When They Want

Today’s consumers are more tech savvy than ever before. Access to products and services through a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers is an essential component to any modern-day communication strategy. Being able to start an interaction on one device and continue the experience on another has become an expectation, not an exception. The Xpertdoc CCM platform fosters seamless and consistent omni-channel delivery options promoting a better customer experience. Choose between traditional distribution channels such as print and fax, as well as modern channels including the web, email, SMS and social media.

Exchange Forms and Documents Safely
and Securely

Sending or receiving sensitive and confidential documents with customers and partners shouldn’t leave your organization exposed to serious and unnecessary risks.

Xpertdoc’s seamless integration with XMediusSENDSECURE, a secure file exchange solution, allows for the safe exchange and temporary storage of sensitive files in a virtual SafeBox. Exchanged files are encrypted both in the upload and download processes and authentication from the sender, as well as double authentication for the recipient are required before they can be accessed.