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The Xpertdoc platform addresses your unique business needs by offering solutions that solve the most basic to the most complex document challenges. Companies across a wide range of industries, government and organizations combine our award-winning and patented technologies to design tailored platforms, leveraged for a variety of different applications – document automation, customer communications management (CCM), regulatory forms management, document migration, self-service and e-application, electronic signature, and more. So you can stay on the cutting-edge of powerful communications and grow your business.

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Business Solutions

Document Automation
Customer Communications Management
Document Migration
Self-service &
Regulatory Forms Management
Electronic Signature


Government & Public Sector
Finance & Banking
SMB & Enterprise

Why CCM Holds the Customer Experience Together

A good CCM solution can provide highly personalized, engaging customer communications and business documents in a seamless experience across the customer’s channel of choice, building more loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience

This whitepaper looks at the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the customer experience across insurance, finance, government, and small to medium business and enterprise.

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