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Create dynamic citizen communications and documents for better engagements.

Streamline Your Agency's Communication Process

Government agencies communicate regularly with thousands of internal and external customers and citizens through various types of documents – notices, forms and correspondence – many of which are highly regulated. Policy makers, regulators and citizens now expect better, faster and more secure communications delivered via their preferred channel – web, email, mobile or print.

To meet these expectations, government officials are searching for ways to stay connected with agencies and departments, as well as the public they serve. The Xpertdoc platform enables government organizations to streamline and improve their communication process by creating, managing and delivering omni-channel citizen communications and documents from a single technology solution.

Facilitate Self-service While Ensuring Compliance

Does your agency have a multitude of complex documents that need to be engaging, accurate, accessible and compliant with stringent regulations?

Xpertdoc equips you with the tools needed to create, manage and deliver complex and engaging correspondence. With our Word-based Template Designer, your users can leverage their Microsoft skill set to easily create appealing forms and documents. Pre-configured business rules for integration of branding, language and jurisdiction-specific variations ensure citizen communications and documents are accurate, relevant and compliant every time. Plus, our unique Smart Form technology facilitates dynamic citizen information and data intake, improving efficiency and productivity, while meeting citizens’ demand for self-service.

Leverage the Power of Your Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our powerful Xpertdoc platform and Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow government agencies to leverage the wealth of customer data in Dynamics 365 to generate and deliver highly personalized and compelling communications and documents in a single click.

Approved under the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA), the Xpertdoc platform is available to Canadian government agencies.

Use Case

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience

Learn how government agencies and public-sector organizations are taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to streamline and automate their communication and document processes, ultimately saving billions of dollars and improving productivity.

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