Document Solutions for Health Insurance

Provide your members with the rich customer experience they deserve.

Create Engaging and Compliant Documents with Confidence

Health insurance members today demand immediate access to real-time information and an outstanding customer experience.

The Xpertdoc platform helps health insurers drive loyalty and satisfaction by engaging with their members in more meaningful ways, through highly personalized forms and documents delivered through their channel of choice. Our platform can pull in jurisdiction-specific content, language and format requirements, giving you peace-of-mind that your documents are meeting regulatory standards.

Influence Member Behaviour with Personalized Digital Communications

Convincing members to make specific modifications to behavior like diet, exercise, selecting generic drugs and other health-related habits requires a relationship built on trust. Xpertdoc can strengthen your member relationship by creating and delivering consistent and relevant healthcare communications.

You will be able to influence member behavior with personalized wellness messaging, consolidated Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), and group and individual policies delivered via web, email, SMS and social media – all while dramatically reducing costs.

Use Case

GroupHEALTH Boosts Optional Coverage Sales with Smart Forms

Learn how GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions implemented an online enrollment solution based on the Xpertdoc Smart Form technology that boosted sales of optional coverage by 5000%, while improving customer experience and lowering costs.

Words from Our Customer HealthPartners

Freda Myhrwold, Manager of Sales Process at HealthPartners, describes the value Xpertdoc brings to their document generation processes.

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