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“All organizations need to do is define their workflow and implement the Experlogix Document Automation solution.”
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“Once we deployed Experlogix Document Automation, we realized there were lots more opportunities for using the solution. It was really worth it to us to continue to build it out.”
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“The technology provided by Experlogix Document Automation was a game-changer for us. It can trim weeks off the donor on-boarding timeline.”
“We pleased our users. Now they create customized, variable data documents on demand with one click.”
“Experlogix Document Automation is life-changing for us. We are going to be able to get so much done. Thank you!”
“In just the first two months of using Experlogix Document Automation, we have reduced our cost to manage enrollments by 20% to 25%.”
“With Experlogix Document Automation, our documents are created, managed and stored centrally, which gives us far more control over the consistency of our documents.”
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“Our new, streamlined order fulfillment process saves us about 45 minutes up to a full hour per day.”
“The productivity gain for our sales representatives is huge. A single tap on their tablet creates and handles all the paperwork.”
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“It is an easy, intuitive document generation tool that quickly does the job each time for each customer, at the click of a button.”
“We ask our customers to make big investments in our equipment. The documents we deliver to them must be professional, accurate and consistent.”
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“Xpertdoc turned our resource-draining, manual document tasks into efficiently manageable HR and sales processes.”
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“Generating a single contract used to take us over an hour. It is now a ten-second task. All we have to do is literally click a button.”
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“Any organization that utilizes document templates featuring standard wording and variable information would realize the same kinds of benefits that Oxford has enjoyed.”
“The leap forward we made in terms of user productivity, document consistency and template manageability is astonishing.”
“Market officers can now generate legally approved leases on their own, in a fraction of the time.”

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