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Coverys Chooses Experlogix Document Automation to Replace Aging Document System


  • Improved document quality
  • Accelerated schedule
  • Higher conversion rate
Boston, MA, USA
Coverys is a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance and services for healthcare providers across the United States. The company offers innovative solutions, advanced analytics, education, and resources to help their policyholders reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Experlogix’s patented migration technology automatically converts Mosaic, Calligo/IStream, JetForm, Eloquence, xPression, and Microsoft Word forms and documents, extracting content, format and business rules in record time.


The document composition software Coverys used to create and maintain their library of policy documents was nearing end-of-life. Support for the product was already winding down. The software vendor would no longer supply new updates, fixes, security alerts, regulatory updates, or critical patches. The insurer had to find a replacement and manage an orderly transition to a modern document system – without disrupting operations or embarking on a lengthy, labor-intensive project.

Internally developed systems faced the same challenges. At some point it became too expensive for Coverys to continue modifying and patching their home-built legacy software.

They started searching for software vendors that could enhance the functionality upon which their key business workflows were based. In the document management space, Xpertdoc is one of those companies prepared to help customers make the transition.


Project Requirements

Coverys declared two mandatory requirements for the new software. The system had to replicate over 300 existing policy document templates accurately. Xpertdoc’s migration technology provided Coverys with the ability to convert the original code automatically. While no migration tool can handle every possible circumstance, Xpertdoc continually refines their US patented and award-winning tool, and fine tunes it for each customer’s environment. Xpertdoc’s process also preserved the original code for reference. This feature provided Coverys an opportunity to research and reference the state of policy documents before the Xpertdoc conversion. In addition, the new system came with a workflow tool, which fixed this difficult procedure – Xpertdoc built a preview portal to streamline the migration.

The system also had to broaden printer support. The legacy software could only print to one brand of printers, which was not the corporate standard. Xpertdoc’s modern solution is highly flexible and can be easily configured to print to any required printer.

Xpertdoc covered both of their customer’s must-have requirements – and more.

Exceeding Expectations

The insurer sought a modern and flexible solution they could manage with business users instead of IT professionals. Their legacy software featured a Word-like interface, but did not support all the functions and required specialized knowledge. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Word, a familiar user environment, Xpertdoc enables the Coverys team to use all of Word’s sophisticated capabilities – including embedded tables, which were featured in many of Coverys’ document templates.

With Xpertdoc, we got benefits outside of the project scope for the same budget.

Bill Champion
Product and Service Development Director at Coverys


One of the most impactful factors that contributed to the success of the document conversion project was Xpertdoc’s ability to automatically migrate the legacy documents. Xpertdoc implemented the conversion on schedule and under budget. Transition was smooth and brought superior results, such as improved document quality and minimized professional services costs.

The Coverys document migration project team describes Xpertdoc in glowing terms. They found the Xpertdoc team approachable and accommodating, providing clarifications when requested.

After completing the large conversion project, Coverys is concentrating on getting all parties up to speed on the new software. They will likely identify more projects and the Coverys team is looking forward to working with Xpertdoc again.

I spoke to anyone who would listen about how life-changing Xpertdoc is for us, and how we’re going to be able to get so much done this year because we will no longer have to spend hours and hours generating files. So, thank you!

Cait Merrigan
Supervisor, Underwriting Systems Analysis at Coverys

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One Brand, One Company – Xpertdoc is now Experlogix Document Automation

When Xpertdoc was acquired by Experlogix in 2020, we brought our leading Document Automation and CPQ technologies closer together, along with building an experienced, connected team to support it.

In continuing to build on that foundation, Xpertdoc will now become Experlogix Document Automation!  Rest assured that nothing is changing in terms of our product offering or our dedication to servicing our customers and partners 

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