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Kelly Roofing Benefits from Automated Generation of Highly Personalized, Accurate Project Quotes


  • Streamlined document processes
  • Improved document accuracy
  • Increased efficiency
Kelly Roofing
Naples, FL, USA
Kelly Roofing is a general roofing contractor in Florida, USA. This family-owned business constructs and repairs roofs for residential and commercial customers.

Xpertdoc for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides business users with powerful document generation and document automation capabilities, enabling them to simplify, optimize and automate consistent document processes, from creation to delivery of data-driven and engaging documents.


Quoting on roofing jobs, handling paperwork associated with building permits, material requirements, and billing involve many internal and external documents. Some of them require signatures or are featured in complex workflows. The company sought a more efficient and accurate way to produce these documents.

Kelly Roofing runs their business with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software suite, but the company generated most of their roofing job documents by hand. This led to delays, inconsistencies, and errors in important documents. These inefficiencies affected the company’s ability to win bids, perform the work, and realize maximum profitability.


Kelly Roofing transitioned from a manual quoting method relying on Excel spreadsheets to Experlogix, a full-featured CPQ system offered by Xpertdoc’s parent company. They deployed Xpertdoc initially only to generate customer proposals, using data compiled in Experlogix. Later, they added more capabilities, such as supplier purchase orders, job costing sheets for internal financials, and work orders for their construction crews.

“Once we deployed it, we realized there were lots more opportunities for using the solution,” said company President Ken Kelly commenting on Experlogix and Xpertdoc. “There’s so much more that you can do with this combination, it was really worth it to us to continue to build it out, once we saw all the benefits that were possible.”

The new Xpertdoc solution saves the company time and money. They use Xpertdoc for remote signature authorizations, generating documents, and automatically sending documents to various recipients.

Ease of use was a determining factor for Kelly Roofing. They chose Xpertdoc because the solution is based on templates constructed in the familiar Microsoft Word environment. The company has found it unnecessary to hire a developer to deploy the platform. They manage all aspects of their Xpertdoc system with internal resources.

Xpertdoc allows us to take a template and input data dynamically from the configuration. Then the system generates the output in a very user-friendly way. We can bring in additional collateral such as brochures, videos, photos, CAD diagrams, specifications and so forth.”

Ken Kelly
President of Kelly Roofing


Xpertdoc now produces complete and correct customer proposals, along with all the documentation and items necessary to plan, schedule, and execute a roofing job. Once the job is complete, Xpertdoc also handles internal reports and documents, along with regulatory communications. Automation makes duplicate data entry unnecessary and centralized document templates prevent errors such as obsolete document versions or missed information.

Besides the built-in integration with Dynamics 365 and Experlogix, Kelly Roofing is taking advantage of Xpertdoc’s Smart Flows feature. Smart Flows allows them to control processes, such as autogenerating documents and delivering them via email, capturing DocuSign signatures, or even remote notarization. Smart Flows’ easy interface allows Kelly Roofing to design workflow processes themselves, without the aid of computer programmers.

After projects are complete, Kelly exploits the functionality in Xpertdoc to automate internal back-end processes as well, such as lien releases.

Florida state law requires Kelly Roofing to send customers a release of lien notice after they finish paying for a roofing project. This used to be a complicated manual process. Employees had to fill out a legal form and secure signatures from authorized personnel. Xpertdoc with Smart Flows automated the entire process. Company staffers now spend no extra time keeping Kelly Roofing in compliance with the law.

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