Document automation for accounting

Create, manage and deliver clear, accurate and omni-channel accounting documents that foster better customer communications and services.

Generate data-driven and accurate accounting documents for better, faster communications

With Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions, your accounting team can easily and efficiently create, manage and deliver personalized, accurate and omni-channel documents, leading to better customer communications and faster payments.

Automate the creation of personalized documents

Experlogix enables you to easily automate the creation of highly personalized accounting documents with dynamic features and business rules. Incorporate customer information, pre-approved images and descriptions of products, pricing and discounts, as well as payment terms and conditions, resulting in clear, accurate documents.

Leverage seamless integration to your core system

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with leading CRM platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM, and enterprise core systems, enabling you to increase efficiency by automating consistent flows for the generation, management and delivery of critical accounting documents – from your environment.

Use accurate customer data

Experlogix provides self-service web forms and integrations to enterprise core systems – financial services, accounting, CPQ, and CRM – letting you access the most current, accurate and real-time information to make the creation of highly personalized, relevant and error-free business documents easier than ever before.

Create and deliver personalized invoices via automated, integrated technologies

Your accounting department can improve customer communications and experience by efficiently creating and delivering data-driven and omni-channel invoices with a solution combining Experlogix and your accounting or CRM system. At the click of a button, you can assemble template-based invoices that incorporate accurate and relevant customer data found in your system – account information, primary contact information, purchased products, payment terms, and more. Your invoice template can also be connected to external sources like your organization’s CPQ system, allowing you to pull pre-approved pricing and discounts and dynamically insert them in your documents. And without leaving your technology environment, you can instantly deliver your highly personalized and accurate invoices via modern and traditional channels, for clear and timely communications.

Streamline expense report submission and approval through a digital process

Using Experlogix’s Smart Forms, your accounting team creates a web form that allows employees to easily submit their expense reports. Dynamic data fields on the form automatically fill in specific employee information – name, employee number, job title, department, etc. – coming from your connected human resources or CRM platforms. The Smart Form includes interactive fields such as date pickers and drop-down lists, where employees can quickly select the correct dates and pre-defined expense categories for the submitted amounts; file pickers also let them easily upload receipts in any common file or image formats. Once the web form is completed, an expense report is immediately generated in PDF format and sent for approval via your electronic signature provider to the employee’s supervisor, and then to your accounting team. This digital process reduces paper handling and increases efficiencies, ultimately accelerating employee reimbursements.

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