Document automation for government

Create, manage and deliver relevant, omni-channel documents for better citizen communications and engagements.

Optimize your government agency’s document processes and communications

Experlogix’s document generation and document automation solutions enable government agencies to streamline their document-centric processes and improve communications with citizens, by automating the creation, management and delivery of personalized, omni-channel and relevant documents.

Automate consistent document flows

Experlogix enables you to easily build and automate document flows streamlining case management, call for proposals, grant submissions, and more. Capture information through e-application web forms, generate data-driven and omni-channel communications, manage documents and content in a centralized system – from a single, powerful platform.

Comply with regulations and privacy requirements

Our solutions offer configurable business rules to support jurisdiction-specific variations, multiple languages, policy and legal changes, and privacy protection requirements, giving you the piece-of-mind that your communications and documents are meeting government regulations at all times.

Leverage data from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Experlogix provides an integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing you to leverage the wealth of data found in your Dynamics 365 environment to generate highly personalized and relevant documents, with a single click.

Experlogix is available to Canadian government agencies under the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA).

Communicate with citizens via personalized, multilingual and omni-channel documents

Your government agency can improve communications with citizens by creating and delivering personalized and omni-channel documents in one click from Experlogix for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Pre-built document templates – licenses, permits, visas, payment notices, etc. – connected to your Dynamics 365 system incorporate dynamic data fields that are automatically filled in with stored data. You can configure business rules for inclusion of government policies, legal wording and privacy protection requirements, and for automated selection of appropriate language variations based on jurisdiction. And without leaving your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, you can deliver your highly personalized documents via modern and traditional channels. These features ensure citizen communications and documents are accurate, compliant and engaging – every time.

Streamline your community infrastructure project approval process

Using Experlogix’s Smart Forms, you create a web form that allows entities to apply for a government grant program supporting community infrastructure projects. The data fields on the form are accompanied by interactive guided functions such as clickable definitions, mandatory fields and warnings, ensuring the required information – project descriptions, schedules and estimated costs – is complete and accurate. Once submitted, the government review committee accesses the Smart Form via a secure platform; with all information available in one place, the project approval process is swift. The review committee indicates the government program’s maximum level of support and officials sign off the approved community infrastructure projects directly from the form, which reduces paper handling, optimizes the process and improves user experience.

Increase RFP management capabilities from a centralized system

Experlogix Content Manager is a centralized repository that can be used by your government agency to efficiently store requests for proposal (RFP) completed by invited providers, and increase document management and search capabilities. A folder-like structure allows you to properly store RFP documents, and easily browse and sort through them. Each RFP can be linked to a pre-built metadata form – a form with simple fields where government clerks enter keywords and descriptors used to quickly search and retrieve associated content. You can also leverage the system’s plain text search function to find specific questions in the requests for proposal and compare provided answers; results are displayed in the search window and can either be opened or showed in the folders, eliminating lengthy manual searches through dozens of RFP documents.

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